The construction elements have progressed massively for the past few decades. This progression has been useful for most users but what makes it more challenging is selecting and choosing the right material. Today, composite materials have also become popular due to their unique features. Furthermore, aluminum composite panels have shined with great quality along with an exceptional price. So, what are aluminum composite panels? What has made them so unique? To find out an answer about ACM panels, you need to have more information about them. You can also find more information about aluminum composite panels by visiting ACM Panel Board.

Aluminum composite panels are also known by other names such as aluminum composite materials, ACP materials, ACM Panels, and sandwich panels. All of them refer to the aluminum composite panels and their structures. For this blog article, we will take a look at the purpose of composite materials, then we will find out more about aluminum composite materials and their features. Finally, we will give our verdicts about ACM panels by having a short conclusion. 

What are aluminum composite panelsWhat are composite materials?

Before getting into aluminum composite panels, we need to have more information about composite materials. But how do manufacturers make aluminum composite materials?

Composite panels or structures are designed by two entirely different elements to provide and offer more features for the users. That is, the combination of the two elements makes the material better than each element alone. Therefore, it is logical to combine two materials to get better features and qualities. 

The number of composite materials today has largely expanded due to the new technological advancements in the construction element. One of these materials is aluminum composite panels. Therefore, if you need to know what are aluminum composite panels? then you can find the answer in the next paragraph. But before getting to that, here are other composite materials used for different purposes:

  • Reinforced concrete and masonry
  •  Composite wood such as plywood
  • Reinforced plastics such as fiber-reinforced polymer or fiberglass.

What are aluminum composite panels?

Same as any other composite materials out there, ACM Panels also have two main elements which can decide their quality and unique features. These two main elements have also made the panels durable and rigid. However, the main elements are not the only aspects of ACM panels. Other structural properties also come in handy when implementing ACM Panels for your project or custom-house. But before getting to know the other structural properties, we need to introduce the two elements:

  • Aluminum Layers
  • The Core element

What are aluminum composite panelsAluminum Layers:

The main substance of aluminum is made up of bauxite. This particular element is mostly found in various tropical and subtropical regions. The density of aluminum is also less than other common metals. That’s why they are very beneficial and cost-effective when applied for construction purposes. Aluminum is also super-soft and non-magnetic which makes it even better for construction purposes. Nevertheless, what makes aluminum composite panels more suitable for construction purposes is their core element. 

The core element: 

The core element of aluminum composite panels has also been a topic of discussion for the past few years. The problem that caused issues with the core element started with fire safety issues. For more information, you can visit Is All ACM Cladding Unsafe?

To put it into shorter words, aluminum composite panels were first made up of polythene as the core element. Polythene is also known as PE. The main problem with PE is that it can cause the fire to spread quickly. To avoid this issue, governments and regulators have banned this particular core element for more than two-floor buildings. Of course, the manufacturers were not happy with the problem.

The answer and the solution to this issue were solved after implementing the fire-retardant elements for ACP materials. Fire-retardant elements are the appropriate choice for emergency situations. These elements are either consist of mineral-filled cores or honeycomb materials. For more information, you can also visit How much does ACM Panel cost?

The coating element:

As we’ve already mentioned, the core element is not the only factor that plays a huge role in the ACM panels’ features. The coating element is another essential part of ACP materials. Therefore, if you need to know the answer that what are aluminum composite panels, you have to get more info about the coating element as well. 

The coating element situation is almost the same as the core element. That is, the same PE material is available for the coating element but due to the fire issues, the usage of PE element for the coating material is now not available anymore. Thus, other materials are now common for the coating material.

Aluminum composite panel applicaitonsThe first and perhaps the most common element is PVDF coating. The usage of PVDF coating can greatly improve the durability of aluminum composite panels. Another advantage of this coating element is its protection for different ACM panels colors. 

However, if you look for a more premium coating element, you can purchase the Nano PVDF coating which not only provides the same features as the normal PVDF coating but can also have other features such as being entirely anti-dirt. 

Where can you use aluminum composite panels?

Due to their great features, ACM Panels have massively improved with the recent improvements on the core and the coating elements. Therefore, you can find a variety of applications for them. For in-depth information about these applications, you can also visit What is ACM used for? We sufficed to say the applications here as shortly as possible:

  • Interior decorations
  • Wall Partitions
  • False ceilings
  • Cladding
  • Siding
  • Facade
  • Roofing
  • Advertisement Panels
  • Roading Signage
  • Train Stations
  • Busses
  • Aircraft Industry

ACM Panel Our Verdict on Aluminum composite panels:

Aluminum composite panels are a unique construction material built particularly for construction purposes even though their usage has expanded to other areas. The structural properties and the engineering system are also unique which we explained enough earlier in this article. However, if you seek more information as well such as the color choices and their benefits, you can also visit ACM Panel Fabrication. 

If you further have more questions, you can also contact our experts and support team for more information. They are available during working hours for any calls. You can also put your questions and inquiries down below in the comments section.

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