The price of the construction elements has a massive role in our budget and deciding the appropriate material. In fact, before starting a project, one must know how much to spend on each material. One of the materials that are very well-known for their budget-friendly prices is aluminum composite materials also known as ACM panels. Although one may ask How much does ACM Panel cost? answering this question is relatively not easy at all since the final cost and the price depends on many factors. For more information, you can also visit ACM Panel Fabrication.

Aluminum composite panels have different structural properties depending on the user usages. Apart from that, the number of the ACM Panels variations are different and require what the client needs. Thus, estimating the final ACM panel cost and having a rule of thumb is not easy. However, for this article, we will mention the influencing factors that can define the final price of aluminum composite panels. Then, we will give our verdict on their price and see whether the final cost is reasonable or not. 

How much does ACM Panel cost?How much does ACM Panel Cost?

As we stated earlier, we can’t define a fixed price for ACM panel cost. Yet, we can define the factors that affect the final price. These factors include the panel size, color, structural properties, and more. You can further find more in-depth information by visiting ACM Panel Installation. 

ACM Panel size:

One of the most important factors that have a decisive role in the final aluminum composite panel price is the panel size. More important than the size is the panel thickness. In other words, the thickness of the panels has a massive role in the final cost of ACM panels. Basically, the thickness of aluminum composite elements can start from 3mm up to 7mm. 

Some internal applications of ACM panels can use less thickness since they do not require the durability that the external usages do. Some of these applications are interior decoration and wall partitioning. On the other side of the story is the external usages which evidently require more durability. Thus, they need more thickness. For this particular reason, most installers prefer to have more thickness for external applications. These applications include ACM cladding and roofing even though some more such as ACM facade and siding are also popular. 

To understand how much does ACM panel cost? , you need to have more information regarding the thickness of your purchase. The rule of thumb is that less thickness requires more advanced technology, thus costing more compared to the 7mm thickness.

ACM Panel sizeHow much does ACM panel cost regarding the structural properties?

The engineering system that manufacturers provide for fabricating the panels is another crucial factor in deciding the ACM panel cost. Aluminum composite panels have a variety of elements that function together in the structural properties of the system. However, the most two important elements are the core and the coating material which also have an essential role in the final price.

The PE vs FR core element:

The core element has been the most debatable issue in the world of construction and aluminum composite panels. Manufacturers and providers use either PE or FR cores in their panels. But what is the main difference between these two core elements?

The main difference between these two is summarized in their fire safety. PE stands for polystyrene which is a flammable material. In other words, in case of emergencies and fire, PE can spread fire very quickly. This has made governments and engineers restrict their usage. Thus, you can only use PE cores for interior applications and one or two-floor buildings. As a result, the final price for PE cores is cheaper compared to FR cores. 

The coating material; PE vs PVDF coating:

Same as the core element, the coating materials are another crucial factor that can decide the final cost of ACM panels. In order to find the answer to how much does ACM panel Cost? , you need to find about the coating material as well. The rule of thumb here is that the PVDF coating costs more compared to the PE coating. However, the PVDF coating offers exceptional durability and flexibility compared to the PE ones. Moreover, the PVDF coating is also a safer option than the polyethylene materials. 

Although PVDF coating is among the most popular aspect of aluminum composite panels, some prefer to use Nano PVDF which is costs more compared to the regular PVDF. However, Nano PVDF can offer great features such as anti-dirt and water resistance. For more details, please take a look at ACM Panel Details.

How much does ACM Panel Cost?The painting variations:

The painting variations and different color choices that ACM panels offer are other crucial aspects of aluminum composite panel final cost. To investigate it further, you need to know the different color choices that you might witness when purchasing ACM panels:

Solid Colors:

The first and mostly the primary color choice for most clients are solid colors. Solid colors can offer designs that are unique and engaging at the same time. They cost less compared to other choices, yet they can provide charming designs. 

Pre-fabricated patterns:

Other painting variations for aluminum composite panels are pre-fabricated patterns. As the name suggests, pre-fabricated patterns can offer insightful designs that are fabricated in advance. For instance, you can find different textures such as marble, mirror, wooden, and metallic designs which are available for various applications. 

Even though pre-fabricated patterns are very popular among clients and customers, you can also register your designs in order to have customized panels. This is another unique feature of ACM panels which obviously cost more compared to the previous choices. 

Corporate colors:

Aluminum composite panels do not only have clients who want to apply them for custom-house buildings. They also have options for companies and corporations who either want to enhance their branding feature or introduce their brands. One of the ways to do this is to use corporate colors. Corporate colors can set unique colors for companies. Further, companies can use these colors for advertisement panels. In other words, one of the main applications of aluminum composite materials is advertisement panels which you can apply for advertising purposes. 

How much Does ACM Panel Cost?Our final thought on How much does ACM panel Cost?

To figure out how much does ACM panel cost is really not easy and as you witnessed required a lot of information from your part and the manufacturer’s part. Some factors such as the ACM panel size, structural properties, color choices, and more are very decisive in the final ACM panel cost. To know more about the panels, you can also find information by visiting ACM Boards. 

You can also contact our team for more in-depth details. Our support team and our experts are available during working hours to answer your questions. Furthermore, please feel free to put your comments, suggestions, and questions below. 

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