Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturer

Aluminum composite panels are convenient in building and art. It is made of three sheets with two aluminum surfaces. The primary layer changes with the suggestion of customers; for example, if customers want to use this panel in home decoration, they use a high resistance model. The whole purpose of all aluminum composite panel manufacturer is to expand essential features such as sound and weather insulation and make the panels lightweight.

Vanco Aluminum composite panel manufacturer

Vanco Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturer is a professional team with more than ten years of experience in the field of aluminum composite materials (ACM) production.

They’re manufactured, especially in aluminum composite panel products, fire-rated aluminum composite panels, billboards, and metal composite panels. Some notable projects are Emaar Boulevard Plaza.

Aluminum composite panel manufacturers

Products :

Fire-rated Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturer

Aluminum composite materials are made of two aluminum sheets that mix with the primary layer. The main layer is fireproof material and some polystyrene (PE) or mineral-filled. Mineral filled cores are a non-flammable material. Therefore, this mixture of characteristics is beneficial to have a safe department.

Besides, thickness in these products is different, starting from 3,4,5, and 6 mm. On the other hand, the more the thickness, the stronger it becomes.

Fluorocarbon (PVDF) Coating:

It contains fluorocarbon, a vital layer that helps aluminum to be more powerful and more resistant.

PVDF aluminum composite panel

This product is very similar to a pure aluminum composite panel only with a little difference, a layer of PVDF that helps to be more durable.

PE aluminum composite sheet

As mentioned previously, ACP sheets are made uu pf three main layers. Two aluminum sheets that link together with one polyester layer. As a result, PE helps the sheet to be more smooth and flat. Also, PE coating helps the resistance of the sheets in harsh weather and other features.

PE coating only applies on the surface to save the interior core. The thickness of PE is different from 3,4,5 and 6 mm, and it’s utterly different from each brand. Moreover, the excellent reason for the popularity is because of the PE coating. This product is manufactured in a variety of colors and customized patterns and designs; therefore, that’s why PE aluminum composite panels are used in the interior exceptional kitchen and bathroom.

Aluminum Composite Panel ManufacturerMetal composite panel

A metal composite panel is a form of a popular decorative wall panel with different thicknesses and types and has mechanical strength, high rigidity, toughness, and high flatness. Some of the metal composite panel characteristics are lightweight, high and low-temperature resistance, superior smoothness, high quality, and reasonable price.

Two popular types of metal composite panels are Stainless steel and Copper composite panels.

Some features are heat insulation, sound insulation, and fire resistance. The areas of ACM usages are vast, and this material is frequently used as a raw material in industries and exteriors of buildings.

Billboard composite panel

Billboard is a large panel that transfers a message to the viewer. Usually, it is used in the form of aluminum composite panels due to the strength and durability of these panels. Its surface is covered with PE to have an excellent smoothness.

Acrylic is another right choice for this purpose that is often known as plexiglass. Its properties are quite suitable for exterior and environmental impacts.

The physical features of plexiglass are toughness and durability. The usage of the ACM in the billboard is because of their properties. The properties are lightweight, straightforward maintenance, high durability and strength, simple cleaning, heat, and sound insulation. They also have excellent impact resistance, surface smoothness, and colorful decorative patterns and designs that can be customized. Moreover, both of its sides can be advertising cover.

Finally, the treatment of PE in covering helps manufactures to be more flexible and do more variety of things.

Aluminum coil composite panel

First of all, aluminum has a lightweight nature. This is also important because it is much lighter than copper and steel; therefore, it is widely used in different usages. Secondly, it is sturdy and durable, even though it is lightweight.

Finally, aluminum is used in various applications in our houses like the refrigerator and air conditioner. The aluminum coil is as good as a copper coil, so the lighter the weight, the more economical it is. It’s a valid reason that the industry chooses aluminum core rather than the copper coil. Electrical transmitting is another point that shows aluminum is better. Furthermore, aluminum composite panels are cost-effective. On the other hand, experts indicate that aluminum does not burn quickly. In other words, this material can withstand high temperatures as well as high-temperature ranges.

Aluminum can be reused like copper, even in earthquakes and floods.

Consequently, aluminum plays an essential role in our lives. Brush, wooden, and marble aluminum composite panels are three other manufactures in Vanco company.

Aluminum Composite Panel ManufacturerALUMINOBOND composite panel manufacturer

This company was founded in 1998 and is the manufacturer ACM panels for more than 20 years in more countries. The company has 11 production lines. The characteristics of ALUMINOBOND manufacture are lightweight nature, fire, sound, heat and cold resistance, affordable price, easy installation, easy-care, durable, and Eco-friendly.

ALUMINOBOND composite panel manufacturers

This company has three leading productions:

  1. Interior wall cladding
  2. Curtain wall cladding
  3. Billboard and outdoor use

Interior aluminum composite panel

This kind of Aluminobond product is used in various decorative situations such as the balcony, bathroom, and back of wall TV.

Curtain wall cladding

Outdoor decorating needs high resistance, and fluorocarbon covers the surface to protect corrosion and make it resistant to chemical materials. 

Billboard and outdoor use

ACM panels are a perfect idea for many different places and your favorite colors because the company has more than 20 colors. This manufactures product can be used in elevators, signboards, telephone booths, billboards, etc. Buildings that design with this manufacture can easily be renewed and replaced in the future.

Aluminum Composite Panel ManufacturerDERACP aluminum composite panel manufacturer

This manufactured product is a high gloss aluminum composite panel for industrial usage with over 15 years of experience.

Their products are varied:

Fireproof ACP panels

The fire resistance of ACP panels is a significant factor for customers. So, this manufacture has seven models, such as :

fireproof ACP interior decoration

  • 4 mm Fireproof Aluminum Plastic Plate
  • High-Quality Fireproof Aluminum Plastic Plate
  • B 1 Class Fire Resistant Aluminum Composite Panel
  • 3 mm Fire Resistant Composite Panel
  • Fireproof outdoor wall panels


Anti-static aluminum composite panel

The aluminum composite panel is covered with anti-static. Therefore, dust in the air is not merely attached to the surface, and the cleaning process is not complicated. Below are the products of this type that each type has its characteristics:


  • Aluminum composite panel with good anti-static ability
  • ACP with surface resistivity below 109 ohm
  • Various panel colors made of anti-static aluminum
  • High gloss aluminum composite panel
  • 3 mm anti-static aluminum-plastic plate
  • The composite panel of anti-static aluminum



Anti-bacterial surface a c p

  • Anti-bacterial mildew resistant ACP for construction
  • Mildew resistant aluminum composite panel
  • Anti-bacterial ACP mold-proof for interior decoration
  • 4 mm High-Quality ACP Anti-bacterial mold
  • High-quality anti-bacterial mold ACP
  • Excellent anti-bacterial properties of aluminum composite panel
  • High quality 3 mm ACP anti-bacterial mold
  • Panels made of aluminum with an anti-bacterial surface



Mirror aluminum composite panel

  • Exterior wall building materials
  • Architectural material mirror A C P
  • Aluminum Plastic Mirror Board For Interior Decoration
  • 4 mm Aluminum Composite Mirror Panel
  • ACP mirror with good image effect
  • ACP high-quality mirror
  • 3 mm Aluminum Composite Mirror Panel
  • Aluminum Composite Mirror Panel



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When looking at the products of the three factories, we understand that aluminum composite panel products are highly accessible and creative because of aluminum nature with an excellent ability to reform, be renewable, cost-effective, and many more. Besides, when it combines with the composite panel, it becomes a wonderful product. So, aluminum composite panel products are in very different types and models. They can be used in a variety of places such as the kitchen and rooms. It is necessary to use the trustable ACM panel manufacturers to have a safe world.

Finally, aluminum composite panel manufacturers are available all over the world. All are producing very high-quality products, and in the future, they will be able to provide more diverse products because aluminum composite panels can be presented everywhere.

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