Aluminum composite material

Previously, the materials the buildings were simple. From the beginning to the end, we mostly needed brick and cement. These materials have a lot of problems, such as high weight, low quality, and more. Therefore in 1969, in Germany, there was a significant change. The change was Aluminium composite material that has a lot of features and products. Aluminum composite material has a lightweight, excellent price and many more decent characteristics. Its usages are extensive. In building situations that need high quality and performance, Aluminium composite material panels can be used and have great results.

Aluminum composite material

What is Aluminum composite material?

Aluminum composite panel is made of aluminum composite material. This panel is made of 3 sheets. Two aluminum sheets covering the main layer and the core of the primary layer that can be changed by the needs of customers are the main layers of ACP. For example, polyester and mineral, but the standard ACP core is polyethylene (PE) or polyurethane (PU ). Besides, two surfaces can be changed according to customers’ needs. Customers can personalize all characteristics of their orders. 

What are Aluminum composite material features? 

Light weight 

Aluminum composite material is recognized as to be a very lightweight material. Previously, the materials were simple, like cement or brick. They are heavier than ACP. Each sheet of aluminum composite panel weighs about 8.5 kg per square meter. Between stone and glass, and cement, aluminum is the lightest among them all. This panel, as we said before, is lightweight with high quality. It is used in places that need high quality and lightweight.  

Durability with Aluminium composite material

Aluminum composite panel is durable and has a very long life. Every material has to be durable and has to be mixed with zinc, magnesium, and copper so that aluminum becomes very durable.

Cost-effective by Aluminium composite material

Aluminum composite material usages are very comfortable and beneficial. For instance, a long lifetime of material can save your money because it doesn’t get destroyed quickly. Aluminum composite panels contain affordable price materials. The lifetime of ACP panels is also recognizable. It means that you do not need to change the panels immediately. Therefore, the cost of replacing materials will be reduced. They are a very cost-effective choice for building facades—effortless installation. Since materials are very light, the fixation point is not needed, so installation cost and materials cost becomes less.

Cleaning is also simple. So the cost of cleaning is very affordable. In harsh weather, you can clean only with water without any detergent.  

Weather resistance  

These materials panel is made in 3D sheets that have a gap between layers. It can protect heat and cold weather. Therefore, they are very suitable for different temperatures! 

Sound resistance

If you need to have a good relaxing time, you need a quiet place. Aluminum composite panels can reduce noise because of the model of the structure. These features are used in all wall panels and facades, which is called sound insulation. Since the core plate is a folded arc type, a nonstraight surface image is burned on the sound wave, and the acoustic wave coupling between the panel and the backplate is removed, and the audio insulation performance can become better.

Easy to access 

Making and forming this material is very simple. It’s quickly processed. Also, Bending and folding and cutting off your panel is straightforward. These characteristics let you use the ACP for hard designs like the station’s roof that need to be folded. Even though a piece of the aluminum composite panel needs to be changed, it’s not required to replace all panels. You can change only a panel that has a problem because it is quickly processed. 


This material surface is covered with resin, causing no toxic and harmful bacteria to be attached to the surface. Therefore, it is clean, even in harsh weather.

Eco friendly

Nowadays, caring for nature is a global matter. Aluminum composite material makes it even more comfortable by using this panel. They are returnable. For example, if the panel catches on fire, both dashes and self panels easily return to nature.  

High quality

These panels can be covered with two kinds of materials: Fluorocarbon and polyester. These two materials (Fluorocarbon and polyester) help to make a high quality of the surface. Therefore, Aluminium composite material panels are not broken easily.  


Aluminum can be painted in any kind of color, and ACPs are made in a wide range of metallic and non-metallic colors as well as patterns that copy other materials, such as wood or marble. ACP panel has about 150 different colors and patterns in which customers can personalize their own needs. This feature can reduce more costs for design purposes. For example, if you want to change your wall room color, you may have many different prices like painting and paper walls. Therefore, only by using this wall decoration panel, all your needs are in one material. 

Fire behavior

Sandwich panels have different fire behaviors, resistance, and reaction, depending on the foam, the metal thickness, the coating, and more. The user will need to choose between the different sandwich panel types, depending on the requirements.  

Fire resistance

Nowadays, making a building has so many different types of laws. For example, your building must have a fire-resistance application. If your building has fire resistance, your tax credits will change and come down. Aluminum composite panels have high resistance to fire. So, if aluminum composite panel catches fire, it doesn’t make it worse. 

Environmental protection 

ACP panel is easy to clean. It is returnable, and it doesn’t pollute the environment. Therefore, it is Eco friendly and green material. 


Aluminum composite material

We now know about the features of aluminum composite material and understand that it is a perfect material. Now, we want to talk about aluminum composite material manufactures and places. 

Facades with aluminum composite material

One of the most common choices of this material is using them as a facade. In modern designs, we see very different shapes and designs. Therefore architecture needs equipment to make a different design and be an eye-catcher. Besides, creating and forming them is easy. So, the best choice is the aluminum composite material. This panel makes a low pressure on the body of the building because of its lightweight nature. So in earthquakes, they are safer than other materials. In addition, it’s essential to have a beautiful building. Facades for harsh weather are necessary, and keeping them safe can be hard. But, aluminum composite material panels have solved this issue.

This panel is covered up by fluorocarbon or PVDF. Even if there were massive damage, it would not affect the color of the panel. Furthermore, because of the lightweight nature of aluminum, the pressure of facades reduces. For being safe in earthquakes, using these materials are more beneficial.  

Interior and exterior decoration with Aluminium composite material

Designs with these panels are available in outdoor and indoor such as kitchen, bathroom, etc. Some examples of outdoor design are wall cladding and walls of the yard.

thickness is vital for indoor and outdoor design 

Indoor and outdoor usages have a different thickness. For instance, outdoors needs a high level of depth. The use of aluminum composite panels is not only for facades. The surface of the indoor aluminum composite panels is usually covered with a resin coating. This covering

can not adapt to the harsh outdoor situation. If it is used outdoors, destroying the colors and patterns will be inevitable.

The surface is vital for indoor and outdoor.

The surface coating of the outdoor aluminum composite panels is generally coated with a polyfluorinated elastomer, which is resistant to aging and ultraviolet rays, and the sheet is expensive. Furthermore, It has a different typical usage indoor. You can change your room design or kitchen, bathroom, balcony, and more with ACP. 

The corrosion resistance of aluminum composite material

Even if aluminum panels weren’t immune, they would still be corrosion resistant. Why? When aluminum is faced with an open view and air, it makes a thin layer of aluminum oxide that makes aluminum facades corrosion resistant.

Reconstruction of old buildings 

You can recover your house safely with this material quickly. It is easy to install and has a colorful plate, so setting it with other pieces of your home is simple. 

Advertisement boards and signboards 

Nowadays, you can not see the importance of advertising as we said before. High corrosion resistance is one of the Aluminium composite material panel characteristics suitable for signboards and advertising boards. One of the usages is signboards in the road. On the other hand, If you start a new business, you can be seen with a little money by ACM panels all over your city. Additionally, you can have a light billboard for long years. 

the roof of public places like airport by Aluminium composite material

The aluminum composite material panel is both heat and cold weather resistant. Usually, airports, bus stations, and train stations need roofs for passengers and vehicles to prevent heat and cold weather. Accordingly, using an ACM panel can be the best option. 

Big saloon and partition of the exhibition by Aluminum composite material

All of these places need a big saloon, as you know, one of ACM Panel properties is a variety of sizes and shapes. Hotel managers want to make a silent place, warm and stylish. Hence, aluminum composite panels can do it well. 

Tunnel-metro stations 

Thanks to the high flexibility of the aluminum composite material panel, it can give you a massive tunnel without any limitations. Almost all the building projects and industry facades are suitable for using aluminum composite material panels. Therefore, Because of this variety of use, products must be versatile and functional. Thus, different types of panels with a variety of characteristics are made. Different covering, core material, and different thicknesses are the characteristics that can be changed. For example, panels with coating are like wood, mirror, and copper. Other products that are made by changing core depend on the place and projects that will be used. For example, FR (fire) is a sheet with a mineral-filled thermoplastic core bounded by two thin layers of aluminum. 

aluminum composite materialConclusion

Henceforward, aluminum composite material panels are an essential element in industry and building. It has improved a lot in the last 40 years. All the panels come in many different standard colors, but matching colors for your project image or company building is simple. In addition, they are anti-germ and easy to clean. Aluminum composite panels have high flexibility, and these panels can be used where other materials can’t. Its unique features have made it famous, and more earthquakes safety and fires can save lives. Aesthetics of the city is also essential. Protecting the environment from fires and returning to the environment is a global matter. The price is low compared to other materials, easier to install and maintain, more natural cleaning because of anti-germ. Therefore, to have the best results and performance, an aluminum composite material panel is the best choice. 

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