Whenever you have time to explore the city, pay attention to contemporary buildings and their designs. The face of a town is mostly determined by the buildings, advertisements, and transportation. In the construction, ads, and the transportation industry, we have seen extraordinary designs that were not possible 50 years ago. But how are these designs so appealing? The answer lies in the materials that have been used for their construction. The world of material has grown so fast that architects use different stuff every day. One of the most useful materials in the construction industry is aluminum composite material (ACM).

3A composites invented aluminum composite material in 1969. The high-quality features of ACM made it possible to be used in different industries, the most influential of which was construction. The material, known as a sandwich panel, is still used in various industries for different purposes. For the following paragraphs, we give you more information about ACM, its high-quality characteristics, suppliers, price, and application. 

Aluminum composite materialWhat is aluminum composite material?

Two layers of aluminum and the central core mostly make an ACM panel. Most suppliers and manufacturers use two thin layers of aluminum and a thermoplastic core to create an ACM panel. The core material is either polyethylene or mineral-filled fire retardant material. The discussion of ACM fire safety has always been hot. 

The interior core is the most crucial element when talking about fire safety. Depending on the application, you can choose different brands and materials to be used in the central core. If the core is made up of polyethylene, you can’t assume it as a fire-resistant material. However, if the central core consists of aluminum or mineral-filled material, you can assume ACM panels are highly combustible resistant. Moreover, the flammable core is usually used for one or two-floor buildings. For more than two floors, you are required to purchase fire-safety aluminum composite material.

Aluminum composite material structure:

As mentioned earlier, aluminum composite material has mainly three layers. Though the layers can become more due to the application, the structure remains the same. However, some brands might use a different structure for making rigid and durable materials. 

The first structure is the protective film, which is used for making ACM durable. Since most architects use ACM in cladding, it is essential to have a protective film to cover the sheets’ colors. Other ACM structures include clear coating PvDF, top coating PvDF, primate, chromate treatment, aluminum skin, bounding lamination layer, the core, and the mill finish. Bear in mind that due to ACM’s application, the structure of the material can be changed; however, except the core, they mostly remain the same.

The layers and the structure of aluminum composite material depend on the user’s application. The materials have a variety of usages that have made them unique. Here are some ACM applications and usages:

Aluminum composite materialInterior decoration:

One of the most significant usages of ACM is interior decoration. Because of its durability and variety of colors and finishes, aluminum composite material is a satisfactory choice for interior decoration. ACM is rigid, durable, and can withstand wear for the longtime. 

External cladding:

Aluminum cladding is another application of ACM. Since aluminum composite panel is flexible and also durable, it can be used for exterior cladding. Looking at different building’s designs in the world, you can clearly see the remarkable models of the buildings merely made by aluminum composite material. Furthermore, ACM is the most used exterior cladding material in the world. 


A decent road sign or an advertisement needs to be durable and eye-catching. That’s why aluminum composite material is used in signage because it’s both durable and attractive. 

False ceiling

A false ceiling is a new way to moderate the temperature in a room. No other material has proven to be useful as aluminum composite material for false ceilings. Using polythene as the core, you can manage the heat and the temperature of the room because they act as heat-proofing agents. 

There are more applications for aluminum composite materials. For instance, engineers use ACM for transportation and aircraft industry as well. Looking at the body of the trains or aircraft, you can spot ACM without any procrastination. These applications have become possible due to the high-quality characteristics of ACM. The features and attributes of ACM have made it a unique material in different industries, and it’s even growing more. Here are some of the novel features of aluminum composite material:

Aluminum composite materialAluminum composite material features:

ACM panels are available in various colors and finishes. Using aluminum composite material, you can create an unlimited world of designs, particularly for your construction. However, being available in different colors and finishes is not their only feature. ACM panels are more flexible and more comfortable to design than metal sheets. Fabrication techniques such as cutting, grooving, punching, drilling, bending, rolling are possible in ACM designs without being too complicated.

The thermoplastic core has made ACM a lightweight material comparing to other decorative elements available. Being lightweight, ACM is reasonably easy to install and maintain. ACM is also recognized for offering durability and stability. Even in the harshest climates, you can use these materials as your main component since they can withstand severe weather without any damage or leakage. In case of water leakage, you need to make sure that your contractor seals the panels as smoothly and preciously as possible. 

When applying ACM for exterior cladding, you can expect heat and sound insulation. Because of the layers and different coatings, aluminum composite material can properly insulate heat and sound. Here are some other features of ACM that we need to mention:

  • Aluminum composite material is cost-effective. Our choices usually depend on our budget. With that in mind, you can easily use ACM panels because they are cost-effective and reasonably profitable in the long term.
  • Aluminum composite panels are chemical and water-resistant. They are also UV resistant, which makes their colors shine for years to come.
  • ACM panels are entirely environmentally friendly and recyclable. More than 85% of the materials used in an ACM panel can be restored to the green earth. 

Aluminum composite material suppliers:

The number of aluminum composite material suppliers are unlimited in today’s world; however, some have gained more attention due to their quality, history, and price.

The first company to produce ACM panels was 3A composites. As mentioned earlier, 3A composite with different brand names in aluminum world has invented and provided aluminum composite material for more than 50 years, and the company is still growing today. 

Other brands in ACM world are Alucomat, Alstrong, Dibond, Alucore, and Alucobest. The number of ACM brands is unlimited worldwide, and it has been estimated that the industry will grow by 6% in 2022.

Aluminum composite material, the best choice for your construction

With the invention of ACM panels, more companies tried to produce them since they became popular sooner than expected. These materials have paved their way in the industry for the last 50 years, and as noted, the industry is still growing and not taking any step backward. If you are an architect, a contractor, designer, or just a house owner, you don’t want to take any step backward neither. Therefore, for having a decent interior design, outdoor cladding, or an advertisement, you might need to consider aluminum composite material as your primary choice. With the premium features of ACM panels and the right brand, you will never regret your decision anymore. 

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