Aluminium Facade

The facade is an exterior structure for buildings.

It is the most important for your design and affects directly on your building.

Home owners know how important it is and accept that with a facade you save your home from every corrosion and exactly dust.

It can be made from different materials like stone, brick and etc.

Nowadays, aluminium facade is a new material with different types and advantages.

Advantages of aluminium facade

Light weight

Aluminium has a weight about half of the other materials. It has lightweight naturally.


This kind of material has had a long life for many decades. In other words , in harsh conditions it has a life of about 30 years and in good weather it has a 40 years lifetime.

Colorful and custom pattern

It is available in 150 colors and customers can order their own special pattern.

High resistance

Surface of the aluminium panel is covered by oxide to prevent any corrosion like U.V or bad weather.

Water proof

Aluminium facade is the most popular for this feature. It has a high resistance to water. Humidity is the first enemy building

High flexibility

Architects for having a complex design need to choose the material that has high flexibility for shearing and making shapes .aluminium is the best in this case.

Eco friendly

All the parts of this material are returnable with a little energy.


Aluminium can be covered with Anti-combustion materials for special use.
Aluminium can be covered with Anti-combustion materials for special use.
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