Aluminium composite panel


New world, with new materials, are available. Architecture has complex design with new materials like aluminium composite panels. It’s usages growing up all over the world immediately. Exactly in harsh weather like Canada. This kind of new material is very useful in architectural design. 

Aluminium composite panel made from 3 layers. Surface and main layer can be changed depending on where it is used. It has high quality. Facades, cladding, billboard and sign boards and interior design are where we can use aluminium composite panels.

Aluminium composite Features

Light weight

 it weighs more than half the weight of the others.


more than 150 different colors. In addition, you can order your special pattern.


more than 35 years is stability.

Fade resistance

it’s our panel surfaces coated with UV resistant to safe color stability.

Eco friendly

100% returned to eco.

Weather resistance

our panels are safe in harsh conditions, for example, freezing temperatures and high temperatures. It’s surface against corrosion.

Sound resistance

A gap between layers makes it a good resistance surface.


easy cut, punch, and drill. It can be shaped easily in mixture facades.


House owners in Canada know how waterproof panels are important and needed, so aluminum composite panels provide your building with waterproof panels.


Aluminium composite Products

  • Aluminium corrugated core panel
  • U.v panel
  • Brushed series 
  • Pvdf coating
  • Fireproof
  • Sign board
  • Marble series 
  • Metallic apc
  • Silicone sealant
  • Extra 2 meters aluminium 
  • Sparkle ACP

Some of our projects

Our team is very powerful in every project. It is not important how complex your project is, we do it as well as.