Aluminum composite panel

Facade and external cladding is the first feature that people pay attention to the building. We all like to see the beauty and indulgence apartments and houses. Previously, facades were made of different and simple materials such as cement, wood, concert, and steel. These materials are not accessible and valuable because they also have many shortages like fading of the color, weight, high cost, and more. However, aluminum composite panel is a new material that could serve us for years to come.

Aluminum composite panel (ACP) has all the premium features and characteristics that the others don’t. They are rigid, durable, flexible, and have properties that are not easy to find in other construction or decorative materials. 

Aluminum composite panel as a modern material

Aluminum composite panel was invented in Germany in 1969 by 3A Composite. The company had the patent for more than two decades. After the license was finished, ACP panel was soon recognized in other parts of the world, such as China, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates, and more ACP providers became active. In 2005, aluminum composite panel products were expanded to 16 million meter square in Europe. 

New materials such as aluminum composite panels are more productive than before. It can reduce some other construction industry issues, such as the short time durability of other elements. Consequently, with the new materials, designers can make their building more apparent. One item that specifically relieves the process is aluminum composite panel. Today, modern architecture and materials using ACP panels are more creative when designing the building. The features of ACP panels have made it possible to create and develop what was impossible before. They are now one of the most used materials in the industry and are growing day by day.

 Aluminum composite panel

What is ACP panel?

Aluminum composite panel is a mixture of three layers consists of two thin coil-coated aluminum sheets bonded to a non-aluminum core. The central layer is made up of different materials, usually polyethylene (PE) or minerals. PE has an important issue that is related to the fire safety of the equipment. In other words, PE cores might spread fire in case of an emergency. However, companies have tried different methods, such as providing mineral-filled materials to solve this issue.

 Sandwich panels or aluminum composite panel is used in applications where a combination of high structural inflexibility and low weight is required. The upper aluminum panel, which is painted, has superior surface resistance. However, their excellent insulation characteristics, their facilities, quality, and appealing visual appearance, have resulted in a growing and widespread use of the panels across a wide variety of buildings.

Aluminum composite panels are a great way to add an elegant and modern touch to your building by creating shapes that weren’t so easy to make 50 years ago. Not only that, but they are also stylish, elegant, and comfortable to work with. Moreover, they have a full range offer of benefits for which you should consider using them.


 Aluminum composite panel



Aluminum composite panel is made up of aluminum and high-quality plastic that has a low weight. For example, a composite board weights about 8.5 kg per square meter. Among stone, glass, and cement, it is the lightest material. As a result, Aluminium facades are about 90 percent lighter than granite stone, 85% lighter than cement and75% lighter than glass, and 50% lighter than ordinary sheets. Therefore, aluminum composite panel has a lightweight among other construction materials. In fact, the weight of aluminum materials has made them possible to be used in different industries, even in aerospace and transportation. 

High flexibility

Aluminum composite panels can be cut, folded, drilled, bent, perforated without losing structural integrity. They are so flexible that they can be used in signage and even external cladding. 

The flexibility of ACP panels has a direct relationship to the core. In other words, it is your application and usage that determines the flexibility of ACP panels. If you want aluminum composite materials for indoor usages, the PE core is suggested. However, if you’re going to use them for outdoor applications such as siding, cladding, or signage, non-combustible cores which are flexible enough are advisable. 

Variety of colors

Unlimited colors and designs are available for ACP panels. Architectures can use different colors and shapes in their designs. More than 150 colors are available for clients and architects to select. Solid colors, Iridescent, High Gloss, Wooden, Granite Marble, Brushed, Mirror, Sparkle, Metallic, Chameleon, and more are just some. Besides, customized colors are also available for customers.

The colorful world of ACP panels is unique in the construction industry. No other material can be found to have different finishes, textures, and colors. Moreover, ACP manufacturers provide special coatings to the surface so that the color can last harsh and severe weather conditions. 

Fire reaction

These materials are known to be inflammable. Fire retardant composite aluminum sheets consist of a layer of aluminum foil at the bottom and top, a non-organic flame retardant composite, and other nanometer-sized fireproof materials in the center of the panel. 

In another model, they have different fire behavior, opposition, and submission, depending on the foam, the material thickness, the coating, etc. The user will need to choose between the different aluminum composite panels types relying on the requirements. Research by the Association of British Insurers and the Building Research Establishment in the UK highlighted that “sandwich panels do not start a fire on their own, and where these systems have been implicated in fire spread, the fire has often started in high-risk areas such as cooking areas, subsequently spreading as a result of poor fire risk management, prevention, and containment measures.” Therefore, for distinctive usages, different core materials are needed since they have specific fire behavior. 

 Aluminum composite panel

Environmental protection

Aluminum composite panels are easy to clean, highly recyclable, and don’t pollute the environment making them excellent for our green Earth. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about environmental protection by using ACP panels. 

Economical choice

Aluminum composite panels are a very cost-effective choice for building facades compared to other construction elements. Easy installation and fixation are one of their countless premium features. Moreover, the maintenance cost in ACP panels is meager. Due to the unique feature of aluminum, it is possible to clean water contaminants, so cleaning is very affordable. Aluminum composite panels have different prices, and many factors can affect them. For more information, visit ACM panel cost


Aluminum composite material is a strong element in the construction industry that could simply withstand harsh situations for years to come. Their lifetime has not been estimated, but the background has shown that they are a very rigid material. Their durability is noteworthy. That’s why signage is one of the applications of ACP panels because road signs and advertisement panels must be durable and resist severe weather. 

 Just make sure that the panels are sealed correctly by your provider for rainy conditions. A slight mistake in ACP panel installation can cause water leakage. 


Sandwich panels afford an extra flatness to make great support for customers and architectures with high resistance to distortion and deflection. They are so flat that you can’t feel any bulge with the palm of your hand. Once more, this feature has made them the perfect material for advertisement panels and external cladding.

Sound resistance

Aluminum Composite Panel provides excellent heat and sound insulation. Since the core plate is a corrugated arc type, a curved surface reflection is generated on the sound wave. The acoustic wave coupling between the panel and the backplate is also eliminated. Therefore, this process can insulate heat and sound in the best way possible. If used in external cladding with double glazed windows, your building has more insulation properties. 


 Aluminum composite panel

Aluminum composite panel applications

Aluminum composite panels are =used in many different places and have various applications, for example:

 Building facade

Today having charming facades is important; Aluminum composite panels are the most common choices. One of the goals of managers today is to have better cladding materials for their buildings, such as the tower of Al Arab, the symbol of Dubai, Al-Arab Hotel, and Mitsubishi factory building, Al-Nasr towers in Doha, Qatar, and other examples. 

ACM panels are a suitable choice for building facades. Their high-quality features have made this possible. However, building facades is not the only usage of aluminum composite materials. 

 Indoor and outdoor applications

Aluminum composite panel is excellent construction and the decorative material that can be used in interior decoration and external cladding. It provides unique insulation characteristics; moreover, they are durable for the long term usages.  

As mentioned before, ACP panels are available in a variety of colors and finishes. Therefore, for choosing the interior decoration of your building, you can have many choices that can suit other decorative materials in your house.

 Reconstruction of old buildings

To have a good and satisfying life, you can change the decoration. With aluminum composite panel, all of your rooms have a new design and are different from each other because of the various types and colors of ACP panels. Using aluminum composite panels, you can change the old materials to the new ones and benefit from the ACP features.

The price of aluminum composite materials makes the reconstruction process more reasonable. ACP panels are considered to be cost-effective and can easily save you a hundred bucks.  

 Advertisement bards and signboards

Nowadays, you cannot ignore the impact of advertising. Aluminum composite panels can improve your customers with reasonable cost all over your city. Furthermore, you can have a light billboard with bold letters for long years to come. 

 Airport, train stations, and bus stations

Aluminum composite panel is a perfect material for massive places. Airports, bus stations, and train stations need a roof for passengers and vehicles. So, it is the best option available since they are both water and heat resistant. 

 Shopping mall, hotels, exhibition

All of these places need a big saloon for their lovely clients. As you might know, one of aluminum composite panel properties is being available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Hotel managers want to make peaceful rooms that are warm and stylish. Therefore, aluminum composite panels can do it without any further issues. A high gloss mirror finish can be suitable for hotels and shopping malls since these panels make the aluminum surface as bright as a mirror.

 Tunnel-metro stations

Aluminum composite panels can give you a massive tunnel without any restrictions. Because of its lightweight, you will have no problem with snowy days in Toronto for cleaning the roof.

 Aluminum composite panel

Final words: 

All in all, the invention of aluminum composite panels can be considered a big revolution in the construction industry and facades. Its unique features have made it famous and popular all over the world. ACP panels are recognized to be robust and rigid in harsh situations. Furthermore, aesthetics and making the city lovely is essential for our surroundings. Colorful ACP panels can change the look of the buildings and the city. Protecting the environment from fires and returning to the atmosphere is another characteristic of ACP panels. Also, low prices, among other materials, is noteworthy. Aluminum composite panels are straightforward to install and maintain, simple to cleaning and enjoyable to be used.

As you can see, the features and characteristics of ACP panels are, to some extent, unlimited. They have everything that is required in the construction industry. That’s why aluminum composite panels have a variety of usages which have made them accessible and demanding. To have the best results and performance using an aluminum can be your ultimate choice.


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