Aluminum composite panel Toronto

Aluminium composite panel is a new building material known as ACP. The stability of ACP is well-recognized in simple or complex designs. It is simple to fold, carve, cut, punch, and drill. Aluminium composite panel price has not been a significant problem. House owners and architects know that using a cost-effective material like aluminum composite panel Toronto can save many extra costs like gas bills. This city has more than six months of cold weather, and using appropriate equipment is essential.

On the other hand, maintaining an ACP panel is not difficult. Without any detergents and only water, you can clean the panels. These panels have a wide range of colors and finishes like wood, steel, etc., and different reactions to fire. The fire reaction depends on the primary core, which usually consists of polythene.

Aluminum composite panel TorontoOur team is located in Toronto to have the best recommendation of aluminium composite panels in Toronto and Canada for your projects such as facade, indoor decoration, outdoor cladding, etc.

What are the differences between aluminum composite panels Toronto in reaction to fire?

First, we need to explain what aluminum composite panel is? ACP panel is made up of 2 sheets and one central core. Usually, the main core is made from polyethylene. Two fire grades with this type of main core are FR and A2.

 FR: FR fire grade is usually considered to be black. It is not suitable for high-risk places. In other words, it is not fireproof and has more than 30% polyethylene, which makes it highly flammable. A2 fire grade is usually gray and has less than 10% polyethylene. So, the risk of it being combustible is lesser. Finally, aluminum honeycomb is typically green and has a fireproof central core that has no polyethylene core. Obviously, the risks of fire in different places are not the same, and you must choose wisely.

What are the features of an aluminum composite panel Toronto?

Lightweight and high quality

ACP panel has fifths weight of other building materials like stone. It is very light; transportation is comfortable and has a high quality that is not quickly broken.

High resistance

Weather resistance, Sound resistance, Water resistance

Canada’s weather is usually cold. Keeping warm in your department, actually with low gas costs, is essential. Aluminum composite panel has insulation and keeps the temperature steady in your rooms. So, you can save your money because more than 30 % of your gas costs are reduced. This feature is useful for crowded places. The gap between surfaces is one reason for the high resistance of ACP.

One of the other high quality features 0f ACP panels is water resistance. House owners pay a lot of money for their walls and roofs because of humidity, but ACP panels can prevent your house and ceilings from moisture. You can also have pleasant moments with rain without worrying about the water leakage if your contractor seals the panel properly. 

Eco friendly and Anti-gravity

If ACP panels catch fire, all the remaining sheets return to the environment. The surface of the ACP panel is covered with anti-gravity material. So the dust can not be attached to the surfaces, and it will usually be clean. On the other hand, you can clean it with water with no detergent.

Colorful, unique pattern, and different sizes

Aluminum composite panel has more than 150 colors and finishes like steel and copper. Besides, distinctive patterns and images are available. For example, you can order your picture for your bedroom wall cladding. It is amazing! ACP panels are available in different sizes, which you can order based on your needs.

High flexibility and durability

It remains for more than 40 years in good weather and about 30 years in harsh weather. It has a long lifetime that makes it suitable for clients.

Comfortable installation and complex view

Architects and designers can make an eye-catching design. Aluminum composite panel installation is straightforward with light installation tools. You see an intricate facade only with these panels, and it’s the most critical reason for architects and designers to suggest ACP panels to their managers.

Have you ever seen an aluminum composite panel?

Aluminum composite panel Toronto

Where can we use aluminum composite panels?


One of the most important uses of aluminum composite panel is a facade. Facade is an integral part of each building, so using correct material is essential. Intricate designs that can not be made with other materials can be designed with aluminum composite panels. 

Interior decoration and exterior cladding 

Both indoor and outdoor areas are available for using ACP panels. For instance, you can cover your garden wall with a wooden pattern for having a better natural look.

Wall cladding

 What is wall cladding? Wall cladding means that wall is covered with a surface for decorative designs or protection from weather or sound. In this case, both indoor and outdoor coating is available with an ACP panel. For instance, you can use wall cladding for your house to look not only better but also to have an insulation feature. You can also cover your room walls with your unique pattern.

Aluminum composite panel TorontoACP panels for the roof of stations and malls

Roofs of public stations are another excellent example. You can see the light of the ceilings in different colors. Malls and public transportation like airports are other places that we see aluminum composite panel applications. We provide ACP panels substantial sizes, so its usages are prevalent in these places.


You can make a nice little room with your balcony and enjoy reading and drinking coffee. Use ACP for wall cladding and then make the balcony a suitable place for enjoying your free time. 

Billboards and signboards

Flat and smooth surfaces are other features of ACP panels that make them suitable for advertising and signboards. Additionally, the lightweight feature helps to have an easy installation of big billboards. We all see driving signs on roads and know how they are necessary for drivers. In this case, sunlight or rain is not unavoidable. So the durability of ACP is helpful to have a signboard for many years.

Kitchen cabinet

Previously, architects only used wood and steel for kitchen cabinets. But now, a colorful and intricate cabinet drawer is not a dream. Aluminum composite panels have made it possible to have an elegant kitchen cabinet.


Aluminum composite panels are a big revolution in building materials. ACP is very popular worldwide for architects and house owners and can be used for different purposes in a variety of industries. Their high-quality features have made them a popular choice in the past few years, not only in construction and decorative materials but also in the aircraft and transportation industry. 

Our architects help you to choose the best material for your projects.

Trust us. 

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