Aluminum composite panel price


When we want to buy something, the first thing is to know about the price, which is an important issue. We all know that constructing a building is very demanding because it is directly related to our patience. So using the best material is essential. The old materials are not available now; however, aluminum composite material is a jack of all trades. It has several essential characteristics and is available for designers in new equipment to have a sophisticated design. At first, we need to know the aluminum composite panel characteristics that affect aluminum composite panel prices. ACP is very light, so transportation is accessible, and it doesn’ cost you too much. Another is different kinds of aluminum composite models and surfaces. For example, a mirror surface type can help you to have a charming department facade. Aluminum composite panel manufacturers are very versatile to use in different places. Now, we are going to talk more about why these characters can affect aluminum composite panel prices. 

Aluminum composite panel priceSome features that affect the aluminum composite panel price

Aluminum panels have some advantages. Some of these are :

  • Lightweight
  • Durability and high quality
  • Eco friendly
  • Excellent price
  • Colorful
  • Easy access
  • Fire resistance
  • Self-clean
  • High resistance of sound, heat and cold weather
  • Different surface covering



The aluminum composite panel is a panel with a weight of 5 kg per sheet. Among other materials like bricks and stone, the weight is much less. Because of this feature, you can remove more cost of installation accessories. Therefore, transferring is straightforward and cheaper than other types of materials. As you can see, aluminum composite panel price is affordable.

Durability and high quality

Aluminum composite panel has a remarkably long life. So, these materials have a high quality. Moreover, the longer the materials being used, the more economically viable they are. It means that if you change your room with these aluminum panels, it’s unnecessary to change it again for a long time.

Friendly with the Eco

If a building sets on fire and the exterior cladding is by an aluminum composite panel, the materials will burn, and the ashes will return to earth. This a precious feature because ecosystems have high prices.

Colorful effects on aluminum composite panel price

Aluminum composite panel has a palette with more than 150 colors. It can be designed and personalized with customers’ demands. Because of this feature, we can choose it for indoors and outdoors applications. Aluminum composite panel price is economical because your project can be changed and designed with only one material. It’s not necessary to create different types of materials. ACP has different colors and a variety of customized patterns for your design.


This panel is the most comfortable material for making and shaping. It is simple to shape it, and the panel is formed and can be bent easily. Because of its high quality, it’s not easily broken. Therefore, we see tunnel ceilings and sunscreens are used in this panel because of this feature. Aluminum composite panel price is excellent because it does not need different machines to make, cut, and shape.

Fire resistance

Nowadays, following the rules for building safety law is essential, and we can not forget them. One of the regulations is the safety of fireproofing. ACP is the right choice because it has high fire resistance. Aluminum composite panel price is satisfying enough, and your life and your protection from the fire are more valuable.


The surface of this panel can mix with a material to be anti-static. Anti-static means that dust in the air can not make the surface dirty.

Easy to clean

Aluminum composite panel cleaning is straightforward. In the harsh weather and severe weather, once a year, you need to clean the surface. For instance, to clean the surface, you need only a bottle of water with no washing equipment. To sum up, aluminum composite panel price is affordable.

High resistance

This panel has resistance to severe weather and sound. ACP has a decent heat and sound insulation. This character is because there are gaps between the three layers. Aluminum composite panel price is excellent because we pay a lot of money for gas, water, and more. With this feature, we can save money by reducing paying bills.

How is the aluminum composite panel price decided in the factory?

Every product has many costs to make. The main costs are:

  • Raw material (Direct and indirect material cost)
  • Labor cost
  • An overload cost
  • Transferring cost

The raw material is the primary material to make something. It is divided into two parts—direct and indirect material. Aluminum composite panel is made of 2 kinds of stuff: clinker ( hard brick) and raw material. Clinkers are expensive, and raw materials are cheap. The aluminum panel made by clinkers is more costly since it was accepted from the national enterprise index. The aluminum panels that are made by raw materials are cheap, and it doesn’t meet the target of national enterprise because it is can be broken easily.

  • Direct cost material: is a cost that directly affects the goods. Like wood in a chair.
  • Indirect cost material: is a cost of making that is not direct, but we can not remove it from price list like glue in making furniture.
  • Labor cost: it is a substantial cost to make things. This cost is divided into two parts, Direct and indirect.

In making aluminum composite panels, the direct cost of labor belongs to workers who work right to make rolls. These costs of workers affect directly in aluminum composite panel price. On the other hand, Some workers like truck costs are not directly related to ACP’s price.

  • An overload cost is a cost that does not contain the primary value, but it must be calculated.
  • Another cost is the transportation cost. The cost of transportation is an integral part of the finished product price. The More distance the project from the company, the more expensive the human resources. Hence, labor rates, transport costs, and taxes are all affected by the project’s geographical location and need to be accounted for.

Aluminum composite panel priceWhat properties on manufactures can affect aluminum composite panel price?

This substantial colorful panel has a lot of models. Some characteristics can change the aluminum composite panel price. Some of these characteristics are

  • thicknesses
  • PVDF coating surface
  • PE coating
  • Core materials

Now, we explain more one by one.

Aluminum composite panel thickness

Aluminum composite panel is made of different thicknesses. It starts from 0.2 mm to 5 mm or more. For example, exterior walls and advertisements board that coating with fluorocarbon or polyester has a different thickness. The thickness should be above 0.2 mm until 4 mm. The indoor usage of aluminum composite panels can not be less than 0.1 mm to 3 mm. For building curtain walls panel, the minimum thickness of upper and lower aluminum sheets is less than 0.5 mm, and the total width should be more than 4 mm.

Aluminum panel cover surface with PE and PVDF

Fluorocarbon or PVDF surfaces are popular manufacture and have a high quality. PE or polyester surface is a cheaper composite panel.

The difference between these two kinds of surface:

  1. PE coating has protective and decorative characteristics. PE coating is a kind of sheet that is anti- UV. This panel can reduce attacks of wind, snow, rain, frozen, etc. Its use is in indoor and outdoor design, billboard and signboard, etc.
  2. PVDF coating is a vibrant color surface that doesn’t destroy quickly. It is made for places that have harsh weather conditions. So it is suitable for outdoors that has bad weather and storms, the panel with a PVDF surface can last for several decades. Besides, fluorocarbon has a high-grade appearance and has appreciation value and high protection of a building.

PE and PVDF coating is the same in making rolls; the only difference between PE and PVDF coating is coating. Fluorocarbon coated aluminum coils have more stable chemical properties than polyester coated aluminum coils. The places that have been used are the same, but fluorocarbon coated aluminum coils have a much longer life. The fluorocarbon coated aluminum coil has better stability and weather resistance.

Aluminum composite panel priceInterior and exterior usages

If we want to use an aluminum composite panel for indoor decoration, we can choose low aluminum composite panel price because the surface of these panels usually are PE. PE surface coating is cheaper than PVDF coating. On the other hand, exterior design needs to use stability and high quality of aluminum composite panels. Therefore, choosing a PVDF coating panel with a high price is suitable. Because the surface covering with PVDF is usually better for facades and billboards, both need hardness and high protection.

The core material can be changed by using the building and customers. For example, indoors using core can fix plastic.


Aluminum composite panel price is an essential part of our purchase. As we said above, all these features affect directly or indirectly on it. Generally, aluminum composite panel price is affordable because it is safe, durable, and eco friendly.

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