Aluminium composite panel Canada

In harsh weather like Canada, using strong material is essential. Widehopf’s architects make using this material easy.

Aluminium composite panel is the best choice between other materials.

Aluminium composite panel is made from 3 layers. Main layer and surfaces are changeable with the needs of customers.

For instance , in dangerous situations such as the kitchen of a restaurant, you must use a fire proof surface.

These new panels give more situations for designers and architecture.


Aluminium composite panel

Features of aluminium composite panel


Light weight

Aluminium composite panel has a light weight naturally. This feature is good and reliable for choosing a material.


It has a life about 40 years in good condition and 30 years for bad and harsh weather.

High resistance

It has a high resistance to weather, sound, and earthquakes. In addition, water and humidity are enemies of buildings.

Color full and different pattern

It is available in 150 models in color. Costumers can order their own pattern that is especially.

Eco friendly

In fire accidents or something else that panels destroy. Whole the basic material is returnable. It is 100% return to eco.

Economical choice

It has low maintenance costs so you can save your money in using these panels.

High Flexibility

Easy access and sharing is another important factor.

Easy to install

Installation of these panels are very easy.

Where we can use aluminium composite panel?



Wall cladding



Interior design

Colorful buildings with complex or even simple facades makes a more beautiful world.

Our acp team is professional in design and architecture.  You can call us with no hesitation and give your propertied advice.