There is always a saying about not judging a book by its cover. The saying might be correct for books; however, in the architecture and construction industry, the situation is different. When trying to build a construction, interior decoration, and exterior cladding is one of the primary purposes of your structure. The materials used in your building also plays an essential role in your construction. You may need a material that is solid, durable, trustworthy, and eye-catching. For years architects used brakes, stones, and concretes for interior and exterior design of a building. However, today, more composite materials are available for clients. Aluminum composite panel sheet (ACP sheet) is one of them. Due to its high quality, astonishing design, and exceptional durability, ACP sheet has gained much attention, and here we want to discuss more of the best composite materials in the architect’s world.

What is the ACP sheet?

ACP sheet is generally made up of two up to five thin layers. What companies use between the layers is usually dependant on the application of ACP sheet. For instance, for a building with one or two floors, companies use polyethylene in the central core . On the other hand, some companies prefer aluminum for the central core since it is not combustible. Therefore, always seek more information about the company you are trying to purchase. In general, polyethylene is more flammable than other materials used in the core.

For many years, constructors preferred stones, wood, concrete, and other composite materials for interior or exterior design. Though these materials are still acceptable in the world of designers, ACP sheet has gained more attention. The unique features of aluminum sheets have made them one of the most popular composite materials worldwide.

ACP sheet - The new modern age material for your designACP sheet specifications:

Advanced technology: 

Without technology, we would not have the composite panel materials that we have today. Companies use different advanced technologies to produce ACP sheet in the best way possible. The thickness and the durability of the aluminum sheet can’t be observed in any other materials. They can be available in sizes from 1mm up to 10mm. However, the sizes all depend on the company and the application you intend to use.

ACP sheet flexibility: 

One of the unique features of ACP sheet is the flexibility of the panels. Aluminum is well-recognized for its flexibility feature. They are easy to bend, cut, stretch, and expand in any way possible. That’s why some designs in the ACP industry were never achieved with other decorative materials.

ACP sheet durability:

Aluminum composite panel sheet is durable and firm. The sheet might not look long-lasting at first glance, but we can assure these panels have a very long lifetime. The durability feature comes to your attention even more if you know how lightweight ACP sheets are. The weight of an aluminum composite sheet is less than 5 kg/ sqm based on 4mm thickness.

Ease of installation:

ACP sheet is so lightweight that the setup for contractors is so simple. Whether you are using a sheet for interior design or exterior cladding, installing an ACP sheet is not rocket science.

ACP sheet - The new modern age material for your design


Comparing to other materials, ACP sheet is profitable. Companies use high-quality materials in the core of aluminum composite panel sheets; however, the cost of ACP panels depends on the size, thickness, and the choice of color and finishes.

Variety of colors and textures:

ACP sheet is available in a variety of colors and textures. The client could also choose the design of the layers. If you are interested in having a wood-like interior design, you can order a wood texture. If your primary choice is to have a solid metallic color, you can select your favorite color.

ACP sheet Uses

Façade or cladding

Because of its durability, lightweight, and high-quality many clients use ACP sheet for façade or cladding. Aluminum cladding, widely used in the construction industry, is now one of the most used cladding materials worldwide. ACP sheets can withstand austere wear and are UV resistance. Therefore, for a long time to come, aluminum cladding can maintain as hard as possible.


Office people usually prefer to use partition and use available floor space to the best possible level. Internal partitions are an excellent choice to achieve this. Therefore, contractors prefer aluminum for partitions since their weight is light compared to other partition materials, and they are also easy to install.


One application of an aluminum composite panel sheet is signage. Because of its high durability in harsh weather and different conditions, the aluminum composite sheet could withstand easily for a long time in signboards. As a result, aluminum sheet is an ideal material for catering to this application.

ACP sheet - The new modern age material for your designInterior decoration:

Display units, canopy, furniture, kitchen decoration, and facial panels are just examples of the application of ACP sheet in interior design. The beautiful design of the materials, being durable and lightweight, has made the aluminum composite sheet an excellent choice for your construction’s interior design.

Other industries:

The popularity of ACP sheet has grown recently. This has gained them more attention in other sectors as well. The transportation industry has recently used more ACP sheets in designing trains, cars, buses, and more. Even in the aircraft industry, where being lightweight is crucial, aluminum is applicable.

ACP sheet thickness

The thickness of an ACP sheet depends on your application and provider. In general, aluminum composite sheets are available in 0.1mm, 0.12mm, 0.15mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.45mm, and 0.5mm, but if you need something different, you can contact your provider for more information. The width, weight, and length of an ACP sheet also depend on the size and application, though there is a variety of lengths and widths.

ACP sheet price with fitting:

As previously mentioned, Aluminum composite panels are cost-effective. The aluminum composite panel prices are reasonable, and the durability of an aluminum sheet makes it even more plausible. The fitting of the sheet is much more dependant on the application; however, feel free to contact us for more information.

Final thoughts:

Though there are still many materials used by architects and construction for interior design and exterior cladding, aluminum composite panels are much more favorable. The high-quality of the panels, the durability of ACP sheets, the reasonable price, and the variety of colors have made ACP sheet one of the best decorative and cladding materials worldwide. Aluminum composite panels are used not only in the construction panel, but it has gained more attention in other industries such as transportation and aircraft as well. However, the majority use of people is an interior design and exterior cladding or façade because they have proven to be the right choice. And now it’s your time to make the correct choice!

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