The wall systems and cladding of a construction project have various advantages. For instance, wall panels can increase the durability of your project, adding exceptional rigidness to the buildings. In another part of the story, cladding and wall panels can also add to the exciting designs of the panels, giving them a charming scheme for clients and customers. However, the wall panels material and selecting the right one have to be challenging for some people. One of the materials which can suit this particular purpose is ACM wall panel. Aluminum composite materials are a suitable construction element that you can use for a variety of purposes with the best possible designs. For more information, you can also visit ACM Panel Details.

ACM wall panels stand for aluminum composite materials. These materials include two aluminum layers and primary fire-retardant core materials. Other structural properties have also a massive role in their engineering systems about which you can find more in-depth details by visiting ACM Composite. However, for this particular blog post, we will mention the main ACM Wall panel features and their advantages and disadvantages. Then, we will give our verdict on the panels so that you can better choose whether to implement these materials as wall panels or not.

ACM Wall PanelACM Wall Panel Features:

Before purchasing ACM panels as your wall system, you need to know why aluminum composite materials are the ideal choice for this particular application. Aluminum composite materials have a variety of unique features which is hard to find in any other material. Here are some of the ACM wall panel features and advantages:

  • Lightweight
  • Durable and rigid
  • Flexible
  • Various color choices
  • Water-resistant
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Fire-resistant
  • Heat and sound insulation 

The weight:

A crucial factor for any construction material is weight. It is necessary for each construction material to be as lightweight as possible. Aluminum composite panels have managed to reach this by using modern engineering systems and light aluminum layers. 

On another side of the story, ACM panels’ weight has also allowed them for other applications in other industries. For instance, the aircraft industry has also applied aluminum composite materials to the aircraft body works due to their lightweight. 

The Weight of ACM panelsThe resistance:

One of the major advantages of ACM wall panel is their resistance against different environmental hazards. First of all, aluminum composite materials are exceptionally durable. That is, they can withstand difficult weather climates in different parts of the world for years to come. Thus, you can trust them for ACM wall panel systems for the best possible durability and rigidness. 

However, the resistance of the ACM wall panel is not limited to their durability, In fact, a combination of resistance against fire, water, and chemical elements has made this possible. Among all those, the fire resistance had caused issues.

The fire resistance: 

While ACM wall panels are durable against different weather climates, their fire safety has been under question for some time. The problem with their fire safety was mostly initiated with the PE cores. PE cores had a tendency to spread fire at a rapid pace. However, most providers and trustable manufacturers have moved ahead of PE cores. The new core is now entirely fire-resistant and can be used for more than two-floor buildings as well. 


The structural properties of aluminum composite panels are ideal for any flexible applications of ACM panels. For instance, if you happen to use ACM panels for cladding purposes, you might reach strange shapes that require the flexibility of ACM panels. Therefore, there might be some applications that require cutting aluminum composite materials and make them more flexible. 

Flexibility of ACM wall PanelsHeat and sound insulation:

Although this feature might not be important for lots of people, it can greatly improve your experience of using ACM panels. ACM Wall panels can offer heat and sound insulation for particular applications such as wall partitioning and false ceilings. Heat and sound insulation can become more useful if you also use double-glazed windows in your project. Thus, you will feel comfortable in your office, customs house, or any project you’re willing to do.

Water Resistance:

The water-resistance of aluminum composite panels can also come in handy in many situations. This feature is of great importance when you apply ACM wall panels for interior decoration, cladding, and roofing. In other words, any liquids or chemicals can not harm ACM wall panel. Bear in mind that the installation process is so crucial that a small mistake in the process can destroy this unique feature. For more information about this feature and the installation process, you can visit ACM Panel Installation.

How can ACM Wall Panel be useful?

As we mentioned the main features of aluminum composite materials, you can further understand that how ACM wall panel can be useful. However, they are not the only features of aluminum composite panels. These features have also allowed them for other usages as well. The other applications of ACM wall panels include the following:

  • Interior decorations
  • Wall partitions
  • False ceilings
  • Sidings, Facade, and Cladding
  • Road Signage
  • Advertisement Panels
  • Transportation Industry ( Bus stops, trains stations, and more)
  • Aircraft Industry

Internal Applications and ACM Wall Panel:

For internal usages, aluminum composite panels are mostly applied for interior decoration, wall partitions, and false ceilings. These applications can not only enhance the visuality and design of your house or office, they can also add to the durability of your project.

External Usages:

Perhaps, the most common usage of aluminum composite materials is their external applications. Cladding, facade, and siding can take advantage of ACM wall panels due to their durability and water resistance. 

Since ACM Panels have significantly improved, their usage has also expanded to non-construction purposes. For instance, the transportation industry has taken advantage of ACM wall panel due to their high-quality features and unique advantages. Another exceptional usage of aluminum composite materials is in the aircraft industry. Since aluminum composite materials have a lightweight body, engineers have implemented them in aircraft to make the aerodynamic movements more fast and reasonable. 

Our Verdict On ACM PanelsThe Bottom line on ACM Wall Panel:

The first production line of the ACM panels started in the 1960s with 3A Composite being the first company to introduce ACM Wall Panel. Since then, ACM panels have become increasingly popular and their progress has been exceptional. The fire issue was a problem but now thanks to the fire-retardant elements, it has been entirely solved. For more info regarding more in-depth details, you can visit Is All ACM Cladding Unsafe?

You can further contact our support team and experts during working hours. They are available to answer your questions and give you more recommendations. You can also write your comments below if you have more questions. 

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