The construction industry has never failed us in progressing and making advancements. That is, the industry has seen huge developments for the past few decades that you see throughout the cities. However, these advancements and improvements have been made possible by applying the right construction material. One of these construction elements is aluminum composite materials also referred to as ACM panels. Today, most people and constructors know them as ACM sheet metal. ACM sheet metal is another construction element that has recently improved its structure and engineering system to better adapt the progress over construction projects. For more information about aluminum composite panels, you can also visit What are aluminum composite panels?

For the most part, aluminum composite panels are the right choice for your construction based on the application that you require. To mention an example we can say that if you prefer to have a solid material for your cladding, you can rely on ACM sheet metal for the best performance and efficiency. For this particular blog post, we will take a look at the panels’ main structural system and coating material. Then, we will mention the main features and will also give our verdict on ACM sheet metal. 

ACM Sheet Metal ACM Sheet Metal Properties:

Having the two words “aluminum” and “metal” together might be confusing if you have no idea about chemistry. We also didn’t have much knowledge of chemistry but we found out that aluminum is a kind of metal that is especially lightweight and is in group 13 of the periodic table. 

It might even become more confusing to know that the aluminum layers sandwich another material that has no connection to metal. In fact, the logic behind composite materials is that the combination of two entirely distinctive elements makes them more rigid and durable. Here are the main structural properties of ACM sheet metal:

  • The core element
  • The coating material

The core element:

The core element of aluminum composite panels has been under investigation for the past few years. The initial problem with ACM sheet metal was that of fire safety. The main material for the core element was polystyrene. Today, manufacturers and providers apply this material for only one or two-floor buildings and for interior applications. The main reason is that the aforementioned material has a tendency to spread fire rapidly. 

To solve this issue, most manufacturers and providers have provided a solution. The solution is that instead of applying PE cores, they have used fire-retardant elements. As the name suggests, fire-retardant elements have an entire resistance against fire and can stop spreading them. These elements today include the honeycomb cores or the mineral-filled ones. Thus, you can use these elements for all ACM sheet metal applications. 

ACM Sheet Metal The coating element:

The coating element have also the same situation as the core material. That is, the coating element, if used with the PE materials, can also spread the fire. However, that is exactly against the main purpose of the coating element which is to provide a protective layer for the main color of the ACM sheet metal. 

Engineers and constructors have also solved this issue by providing and offer one of the best coating elements in the construction industry. The answer to the PE material for this particular instance is PVDF coating. PVDF coating is not only resistant to fire but also provides exceptional durability and rigidness for your color choice. Furthermore, the premium option can also be selected for the coating element which is Nano PVDF. Like any other Nano element out there, Nano PVDF can have features such as being extra resistant to dirt so that you don’t have to clean them quite often.

Any other ACM sheet metal structural properties?

The materials we mentioned earlier were the main structural properties of aluminum composite panels. Some other elements such as extra protective layers come in handy when implementing ACM sheet metal for exterior applications. Therefore, the structural properties are not restricted to the main two elements we mentioned earlier.

ACM Sheet Metal What are the features of aluminum composite materials?

The above structural features of aluminum composite materials have given them unique features and characteristics among which some are bolder. For instance, they are very well known for their durability, flexibility, and rigidness. 


An essential feature of each composite and construction material is its durability against different climates. Thus, manufacturers and providers do their best to provide durable material. ACM Sheet Metal also has the same situation which can offer exceptional durability during their usage. Thus, you can use them for applications such as roofing and cladding. 


Another feature of aluminum composite panels, apart from their durability, is their flexibility. ACM sheet metal is quite a flexible material that you can implement for a variety of applications. This feature is also useful when applying them in advertisement panels and road signage. In other words, you can shape, cut, drill, and make them flexible by having the correct and appropriate tools. For more information, you can visit ACM Panel Board.


One might think that having flexibility, durability, and a lightweight material might be impossible at the same time. However, aluminum composite materials have broken this tradition by providing all three at the same time. This has even become more popular. For instance, engineers and designers also use ACM sheet metal in the aircraft industry due to its exceptional lightweight. 


As we mentioned earlier, the fire safety issue has been a problem for the past few decades. However, manufacturers and providers have entirely solved this issue and ACM Sheet metal is now an entirely fire-resistant material. For more information regarding this issue, you can visit Is All ACM Cladding Unsafe?

ACM Sheet Metal Our Verdict:

ACM sheet metal is one of the major construction elements in the industry which have helped constructors, engineers, and custom-house builders to achieve better performance and efficiency for their materials. The materials are rigid, durable, constructive, flexible, and lightweight which can further improve their cost-efficiency. For more information, you can also visit What is ACM used for?

If you have further questions, feel free to contact our support team and experts for the best possible answers and solutions to your issues. You can also comment on your idea and inquiries below. 

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