Starting a new construction project has some steps. Perhaps the most important aspect of initiating the project is choosing the material based on your project. Selecting the ideal material for construction has also some steps. For instance, before selecting the material, you need to have more details about them. Further, you might decide to choose the material based on your budget. One of the materials that can meet almost any budget is aluminum composite materials also known as ACM. But, as we mentioned earlier, it is essential to know more about ACM Panel Details so that you can purchase the panels with more information. You can also visit ACM Boards for more details.

Aluminum composite materials are modern construction elements with more than two different elements. These materials include aluminum layers and the core element. The first company that introduced the ACM panels was 3A Composites which managed to have the trademark for more than two decades. After the 1990s, other providers also started producing them, and they have increasingly become popular till now. For this blog post, we will mention the history behind ACM panel details and will further discuss their features. Finally, we will give our verdict on ACM panel details.

ACM Panel DetailsThe history behind ACM panels:

The need to have a jack-off-all trades material was evident in the 1960s. As a result, most construction companies started new ideas about these materials. Soon, one of the companies managed to come with the idea of developing aluminum composite materials. Since it became successful, the company had the rights for its trademark and did not allow other providers to produce them till the 1990s. After the trademark, more and more companies started the production of ACM panels and it is now believed more than 200 active primary ACM panel manufacturers are producing the material. 

The route to success for aluminum composite materials has not been always easy and without any trouble. In fact, one of the most controversial construction materials has been aluminum composite panels and their core element. Previous panels used polyethylene as the main core element. However, it was soon recognized that the PE elements can spread fire at a very quick pace. Thus, most manufacturers searched for a solution to this very serious issue. 

However, the FR cores were the solution. By using fire-retardant elements, most manufacturers managed to solve the fire issue. Now, aluminum composite panels are entirely fire-resistant. Although FR cores have completely solved the fire issue, PE cores are still appliable for interior usage or external ones for one or two-floor buildings.

ACM Panel DetailsWhat are the ACM panel details?

What has made aluminum composite materials popular is their quality. The quality of aluminum composite panels has also been achieved by using the correct structural properties and engineering systems. Moreover, their quality and features allow them for various AMC panel applications and usages. Here are some of the primary qualities of aluminum composite materials:


A crucial aspect of each construction material is flexibility. The flexibility of a material depends on a variety of factors such as structural properties. Furthermore, it can help construction materials for more complicated applications. For aluminum composite panels, their flexibility comes in handy when we use them for roofing applications. In other words, by having this feature you can use ACM panels for applications that were not possible before.


Aluminum composite panels are very known for their durability and rigidness. Once more, their structural properties have made them so robust that you can trust them in every situation. Thus, it is not important whether you live in a cold or hot climate, you can always trust ACM panels. That’s why we have aluminum composite panel cladding for buildings and even road signage for the transportation industry. These applications would have not been possible without the durability of ACM panels. 


One of the best qualities of ACM panels is their quality in resistance against water. Water-resistance is a crucial feature for construction materials. However, bear in mind that the installation process is more important. A small mistake in the process can result in water leakage. Therefore, try to use a trustable installer and manufacturer for your ACM panels. For more details, you can also visit ACM Sheets for Sale. 


If you have read the previous section about ACM panel details and their history, you probably know the current situation of fire-resistant of ACM panels. Aluminum composite materials are today entirely resistant against fire whereas this was not the case before. The difference between FR and PE cores also plays a crucial role here. FR cores are entirely fire-resistance whereas the use of PE cores is usually not suggested for more than two-floor buildings. 

ACM Panel DetailsVariant Color Finishes with ACM Panel Details:

Apart from the internal parts of the aluminum composite panels, the external design is also necessary for an appealing design. ACM panels are available in a variety of color choices which will probably make the final choice even more difficult:

Solid colors:

Solid colors are the first color choice for most people. First, they cost much less than the other paint finishes. Second, they are more appealing for some clients compared to other color choices. In other words, they provide simple designs with a great and attractive paint finish. 

Pre-fabricated patterns:

If solid colors are not enough for clients, most providers and manufacturers provide and offer pre-fabricated patterns. Pre-fabricated patterns, as the name suggests, deal with the patterns that have been designed by the provider itself. For instance, some patterns such as marble, mirror, wooden, and metallic textures are available for clients. However, if customers are not happy with the pre-fabricated patterns, they can customize and select the pattern based on their own needs. This option usually costs more than the previous one though you can contact your manufacturer for more info. 

Corporate colors:

The final choice for clients that are active in business is the corporate colors. Corporate colors can enhance and improve the companies branding by offering them a unique style and paint finishes. Moreover, companies use ACM panels for their advertisement as well. Providing advertisement panes is one of the common applications of ACM panels.

ACM Panel Details ACM Panel Details and Our Verdict:

The current situation on the construction materials is not optimistic however aluminum composite panels have made the situation much better. ACM Panels today have gained more attention due to their high quality and features which we mentioned earlier. Their color variation is also appealing for most people. You can further find more information if you visit ACM Composite which is our newest article. 

You can also contact our support team for more in-depth details of ACM panels. Our support team and experts are available during working hours for your calls. Furthermore, you can put your comments and questions below so that we can respond to them. 

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