The budget that you have for your construction and custom house building is undoubtedly limited. You have probably spent most of it for the land, for taxes, and more. If you are reading this, then you are trying to find suitable siding material for your project, which should be not only cost-effective but also long-lasting and rigid. Though there are different siding materials available in the market, not all of them have the features and characteristics of aluminum composite material panels (ACM Panels). Aluminum composite panels are also available in a variety of designs and colors. Moreover, they have different thicknesses and options, which could affect the ACM panel cost. 

ACM panels are generally known to be cost-effective. They are regarded as one of the most economical yet premium siding materials in the construction industry. However, their price is not fixed and is affected by different factors. The most important of which are:

  1. The core material
  2. Panel coating
  3. Thickness and size
  4. Sheet color
  5. Protective films
  6. Shipping cost

ACM Panel Cost

ACM Panel core material:

Based on the client’s needs, there are different core material available. The first one is the standard core, which is widely used for external walls and cladding. The properties of this core do not allow it to bend more than 90 degrees. However, the bending of standard cores also depends on the thickness. Therefore, for each situation, the requirements fluctuate. Note that the standard cores do not meet the fire safety requirements of some countries. Consequently, before purchasing these materials, contact your provider for more information.

Unbroken core:

The second core that could profoundly affect the ACM panel cost is called flexible or unbroken core. The materials used in flexible cores made it possible to bend more than standard bases, which is suitable for internal decoration. Although flexibility is one of the features of ACM panels, using an unbroken core can make them more adaptable.

Advertising board and safety ratings:

Advertising core is another core material that is available in ACM panels. As the name suggests, they are mostly used in advertising boards and signage, which requires an extremely flat surface. 

In some countries, the fire safety issue has made ACM panel manufacturers provide fire-retardant materials in the core. Generally, there are four fireproof levels for ACM panels: B2, B1, A1, and A2. B2 is the least fireproof for ACM panels, and A2 is the highest. Furthermore, depending on the country where you live, the fireproof levels for building materials might differ. In other words, if you live in countries such as European ones or the United States, you can use B1 ACM panels. However, if you live in Singapore or Australia, you might consider using more fire-retardant materials in the ACM panel core. 


ACM Panel Cost

Coating and ACM panel cost:

Different structural properties are applied in ACM panels that could affect the ACM panel cost. Aluminum composite panel coating mostly consists of polyethylene (PE), polyvinylidene fluoride (PDVF), nano PDVF, and fluorocarbon resin. The protective film stands on top of the other layers to protect the colors in the longterm. 

PDVF or nano PDVF coating is suitable for ACM panels’ exterior applications since they can withstand harsh situations. On the other hand, the PE coating is usually used in interior decorations and advertisement panels. Furthermore, if you are considered about the UV rays, you can use FEVE coating. However, they hugely affect the ACM panel cost because they are pretty expensive.

Nano PDVF coating has a distinctive feature, which is self-cleaning. They seldom get dirt, making them a logical choice for customers and clients. As mentioned earlier, various structures are available for ACM panel coatings. All of them can affect the ACM panel cost. Therefore, before purchasing your product, contact your provider for more information. 


ACM Panel Cost

Thickness and size: 

Aluminum composite panel and the core are available in various sizes and thicknesses. In most cases, the aluminum panels sizes vary from 3mm up to 12mm. The thickness of the core also starts from 0.30mm to 0.50mm. However, all of these numbers can change based on the client’s needs and the ACP panels’ application. The ACM panel cost is measured based on a sheet per square meter. Therefore, before purchasing your product, make sure to acquire the price from your provider. 

The rule of thumb for thickness and size is having a standard core, 3mm sheet, and PE coating for interior decoration. Yet, for exterior decoration and cladding, PVDF coating or double-layer PE with a 4mm sheet is used. Bear in mind that this is just the rule of thumb, and your usage and application might require different ACM panel properties.  


ACM Panel Cost

Sheet color:

Aluminum composite panels come with various colors and textures. Each provider has different colors and finishes. Some examples are wooden, marble, glossy, granite, and matt colors and textures. The glossy colors are usually more expensive than the matt ones; however, this could change for each application and manufacturer. 

The protective film that is applied to the ACM sheets makes the colors durable and clean. Hence, in the longterm, you don’t have to worry about the behavior of the colors of aluminum composite sheets. Furthermore, your color choice, whether glossy, matt, or granite, doesn’t affect the durability of the panels even though they can alter the ACM panel cost. 


ACM Panel Cost

The protective film and ACP panel cost:

As previously mentioned, the protective film is applied to composite sheets to protect the panels’ core and color. Generally, two kinds of protective films are used in ACP panels: The first one is transparent, and the second one is PVC film. The thickness of this structure is between 0.07mm and 0.08mm due to the purpose. 

The clients’ requirements, such as having a logo on the panels, must be provided with the manufacturer. The protective film and the coating materials can affect the ACM panel cost. Furthermore, having a protective film helps the panels to withstand harsh situations and circumstances such as a storm or heavy rain.

The shipping cost:

Like every other material, ACP sheets have a shipping cost from the manufacturer, the provider, and your construction. For more information regarding the shipping cost of the ACP panels, contact your provider. Yet, the shipping cost can vary based on the number of panels you purchase.


ACM Panel Cost

Final words; Is ACM Panel cost effective?

Aluminum composite panels introduced themselves in the 1960s. These panels have been marked as durable, flexible, and rigid. Their high-quality features have made them one of the best siding materials in the world of construction, and custom housebuilding and their realm are still growing. 

ACP panels have been used in various applications such as internal decoration, external cladding, advertisement panels, road signage, and even transportation and aircraft. What has made them suitable for these applications is their price. ACM panels are highly cost-effective and can save you a lot of fortune. Though these materials have different premium features, none can reach the best feature: ACM panel cost, which is quite reasonable. 

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