The construction materials have seen major advancements for the past few years. They have significantly improved not only from the quality perspective but also from the aesthetics points of view. These progressions have made them much more likable and efficient. Among these materials, the ACM panel is perhaps one of the materials that have used modern technology much more. For instance, one of the applications is ACM panel cladding which can greatly add to the aesthetics and durability of your building. ACM panels cladding is one of the most common applications of aluminum composite materials. You can also find more information by visiting our other blog posts about ACM Sheet Metal.

ACM panel cladding has its own advantages and disadvantages. They are also cost-effective which can affect your final choice about the material. Furthermore, they can add to the price of your project and make it more valuable. For more information about these products, you can also visit ACM Panel Board. However, for this article, we will mention the main pros and cons of applying ACM panels as a cladding material. Then, we will give our verdict on them and will let you decide the ideal material for cladding purposes.

ACM Panel CladdingACM Panel Cladding Pros and Cons:

Aluminum composite panels are a construction material that can give you a lot of benefits. Although they used to have their own problems or cons, they are still one of the most used construction elements. For this article, we will mention the pros first and then will give you one of its main problems and how manufacturers have solved it:


ACM panel cladding can increasingly make your construction materials durable. If you apply aluminum composite panels for cladding purposes, you not only add to the durability of your construction but also give them more aesthetics point of view. 

The durability of the panels can help the building to withstand different climatic situations. That is, aluminum composite materials help you to add to the overall functionality of the materials that you have applied to your project. 


One of the main advantages of applying ACM panel cladding is its flexibility. In other words, you can cut, grave, drill, and make different shapes out of aluminum composite panels to make them suitable for a particular shape. If you want to use ACM panel cladding for a cornet that has a strange shape, you can still rely on aluminum composite materials. Furthermore, what makes the panels more flexible is the construction elements and structural properties that providers and manufacturers have applied to them. 


Another significant feature of aluminum composite panels is that they have a particular lightweight which can be more beneficial for construction purposes. This feature has also helped the other industries. For instance, the aircraft industry has used ACM panels to improve their efficiency and make the costing elements less. For more information about other applications, you can also visit cutting ACM panel.

Color Choices:

You’ve probably seen that we mentioned the aesthetics perspective of ACM panel cladding earlier. However, without the current color choices, making buildings attractive is now easier. Here are the three most color choices that you can select for your projects:

ACM Panel CladdingSolid colors:

Solid colors are among the most popular options for clients. They offer simple designs combined with the highest qualities. With the correct coating element, these colors will last for years to come. Furthermore, you can apply ACM panels for both interior and exterior applications with solid colors. 

Pre-fabricated patterns:

Pre-fabricated patterns are among the second choice of most clients. If you’re not a fan of solid colors or prefer to have a change, you can use pre-fabricated patterns for your designs. These patterns are available in different textures such as marble, mirror, wooden, and metallic variations. 

Another option for the pre-fabricated patterns is customizations. With these options, customers can customize the patterns based on their own liking. That is, you can ideally select your design and tell your provider to print them for you. 

Corporate colors:

ACM panel cladding with corporate colors can be a unique option for companies and corporates. Whether you want to use ACM panels for advertisement panels or cladding materials, you can easily and quickly introduce and enhance your brand by implementing corporate colors. The difference between corporate colors and the other options is that corporate colors can give you identity with their unique set of color codes. 


It is essential that cladding materials be water-resistant. It doesn’t matter whether you want to apply the panels for cladding or roofing, you certainly need this particular feature to be effective. Other applications that can take advantage of this feature are road signages and advertisement panels. Thus, no matter how much rain you have in your city, aluminum composite materials can easily resist that. 

ACM Panel CladdingDoes ACM panel cladding have cons at all?

Up to now, we have explained the pros and advantages of aluminum composite materials. But do these materials have a problem as well? The answer is dependent on the engineering processing or the structural properties of ACM panels. 

When aluminum composite panels applied polystyrene as their main core element, a huge discussion opened up since they became easily vulnerable to fire safety issues. The problem with this particular core element was that they spread fire at a very quick pace. Therefore, more and more safety measures were brought into action.

After a while, most manufacturers and providers found a solution to this issue. The solution was simple though: replacing the core material. Today, governments and providers allow the usage of PE cores for only one or two-floor buildings. However, if the core material includes a fire-retardant element, aluminum composite panels can be used literally everywhere. Therefore, you can still apply aluminum composite materials for different purposes without worrying about fire safety measures. For more information, you can visit Is all ACM cladding safe? 

Our Verdict on ACM panel cladding:

Aluminum composite materials have a wide variety of applications. However, perhaps their most common one is cladding. Cladding is the act of covering your building to give the interior materials more durability, and also give your project an appealing design. With this usage, you can also save a lot of money since aluminum composite panels are quite cost-effective. For more information, you can also visit How much does ACM Panel cost?

If you also have more questions, you can contact our support team. Our experts are available during working hours to answer your calls. Also, feel free to write down your comments below. 

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