The variety of choices that you might encounter during building a project or custom house for your materials can seriously be challenging. Therefore, in order to select the ideal material for your construction, you might need a better view of how the construction elements work and what are their best features. ACM Panel Board is one of the choices that you might encounter during building a project, a custom house, or just a small wall partition. Thus, it is perhaps not a bad idea to review the material before actually purchasing it. For more information about the panels, you can also visit ACM Wall Panel.

ACM Panel Boards are modern structural materials for construction purposes. The word ACM stands for aluminum composite materials which is basically a composite material because the aluminum layers have sandwiched the core element. That’s why another name for ACM boards is sandwich panels as well. For this particular blog post, we will mention the main features of ACM Panel boards. Then, we’ll also try to talk about their application and usages. Finally, we will give our verdict on the boards and aluminum composite materials. 

ACM Panel BoardACM Panel Board Main Features:

Aluminum composite materials are a very unique construction element due to their high quality and a wide variety of features. Therefore, you can make sure that you are purchasing a high-quality element for your project or construction.

 Here are some of the main ACM panel board features: 

  • Durable and rigid
  • Flexible and versatile 
  • Lightweight 
  • Water-resistant
  • Fire-resistant
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Insulation properties


Perhaps, one of the most important features of each construction material has to be its durability. ACM panel boards are exceptionally durable and can offer resistance against a wide variety of weather climates and environmental issues. This unique feature can be particularly beneficial when applying the panels on exterior applications. Therefore, you can trust the panels to work for years to come. 

The durability and rigidness of ACM panel boards have become possible by using the right structural properties. Aluminum composite panels have unique and complicated structural features which can be helpful in their applications and usages. 


The durability of aluminum composite panels and even their lightweight have not stopped them to be versatile. What we mean by flexibility is that you can easily cut the ACM panels without actually putting too much effort into them. 

There comes a time in a construction project where you need your material to be flexible. Applying aluminum composite material can come in handy when you face a complex shape or curve. Thus, by using and implementing ACM panel boards, you can make sure that you can reach the desired design. 

Flexibility Of ACM PanelsLightweight:

It might be hard to believe that a construction material can be durable, flexible, and also lightweight at the same time. However, the engineering system of the ACM panel board has allowed them to offer this unique feature as well. Their weight can also surprise you if you happen to touch the panels. 

As you might have already known, ACM panel board usages are not only limited to construction projects. For instance, the lightweight aluminum composite panels have allowed them for other purposes as well. The aircraft industry has taken advantage of this feature and uses aluminum composite panels in their industry due to their lightweight. 


One of the applications of ACM panel boards is roofing. This application provides great proof that ACM panel boards are entirely water-resistant. Therefore, if you are in a rainy climate, there is no need to worry about the constant rain. Perhaps, that is another reason that governments also use aluminum composite materials in road signage. 


ACM Panels are entirely resistant to fire. The question has been recently raised that whether Is all ACM Cladding unsafe? , or not, but we’ve seen that the improvements have made them safe against fire. 

The main problem with the ACM panel board fire resistance initiated with the core material. The core materials that most manufacturers applied to the panel were made up of PE also known as polyethylene. However, PE has a tendency to spread fire quickly. That’s why most governments have abandoned the PE usage for aluminum composite panels in interior and exterior parts of the buildings. Some other governments have allowed the usage for only less than 2 floor-buildings. Then, what is the solution to this main issue:

Most providers and manufacturers today offer the best solution to the PE cores. As a result, they have entirely changed the core element to the fire-retardant cores with the best result in resistance against fire. The fire-retardant core can include honeycomb cores or mineral-filled ones. For more information about this topic, you can visit our other blog about ACM Panels in which we have entirely explained the fire-resistant situation. 

Insulation Properties:

Another unique features of aluminum composite panels are their insulation properties. ACM panels boards have a great quality in preventing the heat from coming into or exiting from the house. 

Take wall partitioning as an example. Wall partitioning is mostly designed to give office workers more space. By applying ACM panel board, you can make sure that the sound insulation feature can help your office to have a calm environment. 

The insulation feature is not limited to sound. You can also use heat insulation by implementing aluminum composite panels in your projects. For more in-depth detail, you can further visit our other article about ACM Panel Details.

ACM Panels Fire ResistanceWhat are the main ACM panel Board applications?

Aluminum composite materials have both construction and non-construction usages and applications. Here are the main ACM panel board applications for construction purposes:

  • Interior Design and Decoration
  • False ceilings
  • Wall Partitions
  • Wall Siding, Cladding, and Facade
  • Aluminum composite panel roofing
  • Train Stations

Here are the main non-construction purposes of ACM panels:

  • Advertisement Panels
  • Trains and Busses
  •  Road Signage
  • Aircraft Industry

ACM Panel BoardOur Final Words on ACM panel board:

The construction industry has taken advantage of aluminum composite materials for more than 6 decades. The first company to introduce the panels was 3A Composites which had the trademark for more than two decades. After that, more competition begins with ACM panels, and more companies started producing them. Up to now, more than 200 active producers are active in the industry providing the best panels for their clients. For more information about the manufacturers, you can visit ACM Sheets for Sale.

If you further seek more info, you can contact our support team and experts. They are available during working hours to answer your questions. We will also reply to your comments below for more questions and inquiries. 

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