The notion of a sandwich is simple! You combine some food or even add some ketchup sauce to make your food tastier. The ingredients you add to the sandwich is not the same; otherwise, the taste would have been so monotonous. That’s why the combination of ingredients can make the sandwich more pleasant. The same situation applies to the sandwich panels. Sandwich or composite panels are combinations of two or more different materials. The combination can offer more features than the single element alone. The number of composite materials has increased for the last generation, and one of the well-known composite materials is aluminum composite panel known as aluminum sandwich panel. For more details, visit ACP Sheets.

Aluminum sandwich panel consists of two aluminum layers and a core. In other words, the core is sandwiched between the aluminum layers. Merging the core material and the aluminum layers have made aluminum composite panels (ACP) more rigid, durable, and robust. Due to their high-quality features, ACP panels have various applications, which we’ll discuss in the following paragraphs. For more information, you can visit Aluminum Composite Sheet.

Aluminum Sandwich Panel

Aluminum Sandwich Panel Specifications:

Aluminum sandwich panels have some unique features and characteristics which is hard to find in any composite materials. Their quality is one of their impressive specifications. One of the reasons that most providers use them for various applications is their features:

Lighter than other materials:

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about aluminum composite panels is their weight. Aluminum sandwich panels have super lightweight. The lightweight is especially beneficial in road signage, transportation, and ACP cladding. Other applications such as industry, interior decoration, and partitioning can also take advantage of the ACP lightweight. 

Durable and Rigid:

If you believe that a lightweight composite material can’t be robust, you are entirely wrong. Aluminum sandwich panels have the strength of a mountain. This has been achieved with the right structural properties. The power and rigidness of ACM panels play an essential part in harsh climates and severe conditions. Whether you live in a cold climate like Canada or the beach type of guy who prefers hot weather, then aluminum sandwich panel is ideal for your construction project. 

Aluminum Sandwich Panel

It’s also flexible!

Yes, you read it correctly. Even though aluminum sandwich panel has some unique features such as being durable and lightweight, it is also flexible at the same time. This has been made possible with the usage of polystyrene or mineral-filled materials as the central core. The versatility of aluminum composite panels has further helped these materials be used in the most strange shapes possible. Furthermore, flexibility helps the architects and designers to create ideas that were impossible years ago.

Variety of colors and sizes:

The features of the aluminum sandwich panel are yet to continue. The variety of color choice can make everyone’s choice difficult. There are mainly three types of color choice:

  • The first one is solid colors. Most clients use solid colors for interior decoration, wall partitioning, and false ceilings. The simplicity and unique quality of solid colors are worth watching. 
  • Another color choice is customizations. There are various pre-fabricated colors available for customers to choose. You can choose from wooden, marble, mirror, metal, and more finishes for more variety. Moreover, you can even create your design with ACM Panels. 
  • If you are merely choosing ACM panels for business purposes, you can try the corporate colors. By using corporate colors, you can create a place with unique colors and print your logo on the panels. Furthermore, the aluminum sandwich panel qualities help you have that successful business you are looking for. 

Aluminum composite panels are available in various sizes and shapes. This is an excellent quality since, in ACP cladding, some parts are weirdly shaped. By using aluminum composite panels, you can always have that unique shape without changing it for the sake of using a material.

Resistance to water and chemical elements:

 Aluminum sandwich panels have exceptional resistance against water and chemical elements. For instance, if you apply ACM panels for kitchen decoration, you need to consider the ACP panels’ water and chemical resistance features. However, it is essential to talk to your provider about this feature since a small mistake in aluminum composite panel installation can cause water leakage. For more details, visit ACM Panel Installation.

Aluminum Sandwich Panel

Aluminum Sandwich Panel Price: 

As we mentioned earlier, aluminum sandwich panel is considered budget-friendly and cost-effective. With that in mind, we need to mention the factors that can directly affect the aluminum sandwich panel price. The core and the coating material and the structural properties are the main factors that can affect the ACM panel price. For more information, you can take a look at our newest article, ACP Panel Price.

The core and coating material:

 The core and the coating material can be different according to the usage and application of the client. Most aluminum composite panel manufacturers use two kinds of the core element. They either apply polythene or fire-retardant materials based on the request of the user. Polythene is a plastic core material that is mostly used indoors. Moreover, some governments have applied restrictions on polythene due to their fire behavior. The limitation has encouraged aluminum sandwich panel manufacturers to offer fire-retardant materials for their products. Therefore, by using fire-retardant materials, which mostly consist of mineral-filled elements, you can make sure that ACM panels will not spread fire in case of an emergency. Don’t forget to check ACP Panel for more info.

Structural Properties:

Other than the core and coating material, ACM panels’ structural properties can also affect the ACM panel price. The protective film, the color coating, the pre-treatment, and service coating can be considered the ACM panels’ structural properties. These have helped the panels provide some quality features that are not easy to find in any other composite material. Furthermore, features such as the protective film can withstand harsh situations and make the color vivid and crystal clear for years to come.

Aluminum Sandwich Panel

The Verdict:

The structure and the process of creating aluminum composite panels have changed the ACP name to an aluminum sandwich panel. Due to the core being sandwiched between aluminum layers, many use aluminum sandwich panels as these materials’ main title. However, the name is not the focus here. Aluminum sandwich panel has various usages, applications, features, and colors that have made them unique, among other construction materials. 

All in all, ACM panels have expanded their application to other industries. They are now considered the most common construction material, and their sharp increase has been continuous. It is estimated that the industry will even grow further by 6% in 2022. More than 200 major companies are now active in the ACM panel industry, and it seems the number of companies and manufacturers is growing every day. It is certainly not the start of aluminum composite panels nor the end of them. For finding out the best manufacturers, visit Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturers.

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