The building materials that we use for a project depends on a variety of factors. Although having a decent quality, performance, and durability plays a significant role in our choice, we should not neglect the price of the material. In other words, the cost of the material is as important as the other qualities. One of the materials that have proven to be cost-effective is aluminum panel sheet, which has provided a reasonable price with high qualities at the same time. Aluminum Panel Sheet Price is affordable, logical, and definitely budget-friendly. For more information, you can take a look at our other articles such as Aluminum Sandwich Panel.

Aluminum Panel Sheet is a modern-age construction material that has managed to gain popularity during the past few years. The increasing usage of Aluminum panel sheets is due to several reasons, one of them being the price. However, the cost of these materials is not fixed, and it is not possible to mention a price based on a square meter. Therefore, within this article, we will discuss what will affect the aluminum panel sheet price. For more information, you can also visit ACM Panel Cost where we provided an in-depth guide of ACM prices. 

What affects the Aluminum Panel Sheet Price?

Before we get to know the factors that directly or indirectly affect the aluminum panel sheet price, we need to mention the structure of these materials and how they directly affect the cost. In other words, the form of ACM panels changes the quality and function. Therefore, small adjustments change the price. 

The first and the most crucial structural properties of ACM panels are their core. The core of these materials is like the ingredients of food. Hence, what is used in the core can directly change the aluminum panel sheet price. In general, there are two core elements:

  1. The first one is polyethylene, also known as PE. Since polyethylene is plastic, it doesn’t have a lot of cost for the manufacturers. However, the low price comes with a disadvantage that should be considered. PE is highly vulnerable to fire. Therefore, in case of emergencies, the PE core can spread the fire quickly. To solve this issue, governments have restricted using PE aluminum composite panels for more than two-floor buildings or exterior usages. However, the usage is still permitted for interior decorations.
  2. Since PE can not be used mostly in exterior usages or high-floor buildings, providers have solved the problem using fire-retardant materials. Although fire-retardant (FR) cores are more expensive, they provide excellent safety against fire and other hazards. Some of the examples of FR cores are honeycomb and mineral-filled cores. 

Aluminum Panel Sheet PriceCoating Material:

Another critical factor that directly maintains the aluminum panel sheet price is the coating material. The coating material is, to some extent, similar to the core elements with some minor changes. The PE coating material is more budget-friendly; however, the same problem with the PE elements exists. Therefore, aluminum panel sheet price with PE coating is cheaper than the other elements. However, PE coating, like the PE core, is vulnerable to fire spreading. As a result, clients use it for interior decoration and designs. 

On the other side of the story lies the PVDF coating, one of the most common coating elements in aluminum materials. PVDF coating provides excellent stability and reliability with decent durability. Another option is Nano PVDF, which has the same quality as PVDF and offers other features such as resistance to dirt. You have probably guessed it, but the aluminum panel sheet price with PVDF coating is more than the regular ones. 

Other Affecting Factors:

The core and the coating material was the most influential factor on aluminum sheet price. However, there are also other factors that can decide the cost of the ACM panels:

One of the factors that can also directly affect the aluminum panel sheet price is the color choice. There are three main categories available to clients. The first one is solid colors. As the name suggests, clients use solid colors for simple designs. They provide simplicity with a charming look. These colors are mostly used with room decorations, while the price is less compared to other options.

However, if you prefer to choose a different color with a customization feature, you can select different textures. In other words, you can choose the aluminum panel sheet design by using the designs that you prefer. Some prefabricated structures are available for clients, such as marble wooden, metallic, and mirror finishes. The final color choice mostly suits the businessmen. That’s why we name it the corporate colors. The corporate colors are a set of unique colors, especially accessible for business companies and corporates. 

Aluminum Panel Sheet PriceHow about the size?

It comes without saying that the size of aluminum panels is an essential factor in defining the aluminum panel sheet price. We usually refer to the size with length, width, or thickness. Generally, your installer measures the size and thickness based on your usage. Therefore, it is not possible to define an exact price based on each dimension. However, we suffice to say that for interior uses, less thickness is applied. For exterior services, due to the durability requirement, more thickness is advisable. 

Aluminum composite panels are available from 3mm to 6mm in thickness—the different levels of thickness results in different aluminum panel sheet price. 

Apart from the size and color that directly affect the aluminum panel sheet price, some other factors decide the price indirectly. For instance, the labor cost and the transportation cost have also come into an aspect when discussing ACM panel price. These are the factors that are mostly dependant on the ACM panel manufacturer and their service support. For more information about providers, you can visit what are the best ACM panel manufacturers?

The Verdict; Can you save more with Aluminum Panel Sheet Price?

All in all, the aluminum panel sheet price is not fixed and is entirely dependant on various factors such as the color, the coating, and the core material, the size, and more. Although aluminum composite panels are mostly known for their cost-effective material and budget-friendly features, it is essential to talk to your provider before installing the panels. Each provider might offer different services that can also increase or reduce the price. For more information about this issue, you can call our experts at any time. You can also visit ACM Panel Cost to gain more info about the ACM panel nature.

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