The idea of having a closed-space structure is simple. You need four walls with a roof to make it possible. However, the material you use to make facilities are also crucial. The construction materials have not been the same for the past decades; however, only one of them has managed to prove consistency over a period of time. Once implemented in the 1960s, aluminum composite panel is still used in the construction industry and has managed to improve its quality as well. One of the most common usages of these materials is aluminum composite panel roof. For more information, you can visit Aluminum Sandwich Panel.

Aluminum composite panel has various applications. One of the most critical applications of these materials is for exterior or interior usages. However, none of those applications are more important than the roof in construction. In this article, we’ll explain the reasons behind using aluminum composite panels in ceilings, the qualities that make it possible to use them in roofs, and other applications for ACP materials. 

Aluminum Composite Panel RoofWhy using aluminum composite panel in roofs??

As mentioned earlier, aluminum composite panel has various usages; however, one of them is quite astonishing. Clients can use ACP materials in roofs because aluminum composite panels’ qualities are noteworthy and make them suitable to be used there. But what are those qualities?

The first and essential quality of ACM panels is water-resistant, which is a crucial aspect of roof materials. Although aluminum composite panels are not water-resistant from the beginning, some installation measures are critical to making them suitable against water. To find more information about this issue, you can read our other article about aluminum composite panel installation visit ACM Panel Installation.

Another ACM panels’ characteristic is their flexibility. Since the core materials are very flexible in ACM panels, the panels can also be bent, cut, or shaped according to the clients’ needs. Therefore, when designing or building new construction, it is possible to use the innovative design you always had in your mind using an aluminum composite panel roof. With that in mind, it is essential to know that the flexibility of ACM panels does not affect their durability. In other words, ACM panels are both flexible and durable, which is not easy to find in any other construction material. 

Apart from being water-resistant, flexible, and durable, aluminum composite panels have a very light weight as well. Being light is so vital in the construction industry, particularly for roofs, that most engineers and constructors prefer to use light materials for their projects. By having a lightweight material, most clients can now reduce their cost and make the construction project more cost-effective. Speaking of the cost, we can also mention the budget-friendly behavior of ACM panels. Although the price doesn’t directly affect the roof element, it is important to have a cost-effective material for your construction to save some money. 

Aluminum Composite Panel RoofColor choices:

The possibility of having a variety of colors on roofs can be tempting. Whether you want to install solid colors or prefer your design by customizing the panels, there is always the possibility of variation in aluminum composite panel roof. For those who are in business, ACM panels offer corporate colors as well. In this way, it’s possible for corporations and companies to have a set of unique colors for their company. Furthermore, most aluminum composite panel roof manufacturers are now able to print your logo as well. 

Aluminum Composite Panel Roof Manufacturers:

The first company that designed and implemented ACM panels was 3A Composites in the 1960s. While having the trademark until the 1990s, aluminum composite panels gained so much popularity that other companies started producing the materials after the trademark was over. Today, more than 200 companies are active in creating, installing, and supporting ACM panels all over the world. However, some of them have shined more compared to others. 

 Apart from 3A Composites, some other manufacturers such as Alpolic are well-known for their unique and high-quality products. A wide range of products with both PE and FR cores are available for clients by Alpolic panels. For more information about PE and FR cores, you can visit PE Aluminum Composite Panel. In short, clients use PE cores for interior applications, whereas FR cores are primarily suitable for high-floor buildings and exterior usages. This is mainly related to the cores’ fire behavior.

Aluminum Composite Panel RoofOther usages of ACM panels:

Although this article’s whole topic was about aluminum composite panel roof, ACM panels have other usages too depending on the interior or exterior applications:

Interior applications: 

Providers can apply aluminum composite materials for various usages in the interior part of a construction. For instance, most customers prefer to use aluminum composite panels in false ceilings or wall partitions because of their high durability and excellent insulation properties. However, some people prefer to use ACM panels for interior designs and decorations since ACM panel colors are customizable. 

Aluminum Composite Panel RoofExterior applications:

As we mentioned earlier, the usage of aluminum composite materials is not only appliable to the roof for exterior applications. Most constructors, designers, and engineers use these materials for wall cladding as well. Some features, such as the flexibility and durability of aluminum materials, have made it possible to use them in signage and advertisement panels. Therefore, if you need an advertisement panel for your business, ACP Panels can be an ideal choice since it’s very cost-effective. 

Finally, it’s safe to say that aluminum materials are not restricted to the construction industry. Due to their success in this area, some companies have provided ACM panels for aerospace technologies and the transportation industry. What plays an essential role in these two areas is their lightweight. In other words, the weight of the aluminum composite panel has played a significant role in their wide variety of usage. 

Aluminum Composite Panel RoofThe Verdict; Aluminum Composite Panel in roofs?

We would agree to say that it may seem weird to use aluminum composite panels in roofs. However, in this article, we explained why it is necessary to use an aluminum composite panel roof. Moreover, we defined ACM panels’ qualities and their best features to ensure that aluminum composite panel is the perfect material for your construction project. 

With that in mind, if you have more questions and need more information, you can always contact our support team to find more details. Furthermore, you can also visit to read our in-depth article about aluminum composite sheets

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