The construction materials have their own world with a variety of elements and various choices available for users. Although the type of construction materials offered by different providers might suit the customer’s project, it is the material itself that significantly affects the clients’ choice. Aluminum composite materials, also known as ACM metal panels can be the ideal choice for a construction material due to their high-quality feature. But what is aluminum composite material, and is there any difference with ACM Metal panel? To know more, you can check our brand new article about ACM Wall Panels.

Aluminum composite materials consist of two entirely different elements. The first one is aluminum, a kind of metal. The second one is the core, which can also include additional components such as polyethylene (PE) or fire-retardant materials. This article will discuss the ACM metal panel installation, the applications, and the ACM metal system. Yet, you can visit our other articles such as ACM Sheets for more information. 

ACM Metal PanelACM Metal Panel Installation:

The installation step for aluminum composite materials includes five steps. Each step is crucial for having a durable and flexible ACM metal panel. As a result, it is essential to find the best provider and installer in your area. However, for more in-depth data about ACM panels you can visit Aluminum Composite Sheet.

The very first step in the aluminum composite panel installation is measurement. Having the correct size of your project and measuring aluminum composite panels with your buildings as precisely as possible is crucial for the next installation step. Measuring the construction and the buildings allows your installer to have a better idea of how to install the ACM metal panel. 

Fabrication: After measuring the project is finished, your installer moves to the next step, fabricating aluminum composite panels. One of the features of ACM metal panels is their unique and outstanding flexibility. By using special cutting tools, your installer can either bend, cut, fold or drill the ACM metal panels for the best usage and efficiency. That is not the end, though, since waterproofing the panels is also of great importance.

ACM Metal PanelWaterproofing:

 If you are using aluminum composite panels for cladding or roof purposes, waterproofing is a crucial step. The best way to waterproof the ACM panels is to seal the panels as precisely as possible. To do so, your provider installs a weather barrier to avoid water get into the panels. Furthermore, a premium primer is also applied to the boards to ensure that panel will show no water leakage later. 

Using the mounting system: Before getting the panels installed on the walls, it is crucial to use a correct mounting system so that you or your installer can apply the panels in a straight line. The order of installation also depends on various factors such as the importance of cornering and different shapes. 

Installing the panels: The final step of ACM metal panel installation is to correctly put the panels on the mounting system and install them. This is the stage where you can install the clips and the main profile of aluminum composite panels. Furthermore, to fill out any possible gaps, most providers and installers use matching strips. The final process is to install shims for leveling the panels and clips for attaching the panels for the best possible result. 

ACM Metal PanelACM Metal Panel Applications:

What has made ACM metal panels a successful and beneficial construction material is their application. And what has made the applications possible is their features and unique characteristics. For more information about their features, you can visit our other article about Aluminum Sandwich Panel. In the following paragraphs, we will explain the most common and vital ACM metal panel application. 

Interior applciations:

Aluminum composite materials are either divided into internal or external usages. The internal applications of ACM metal panels consist mainly of wall decoration. One of the features that allow these materials to be appliable for interior applications is their exceptional durability due to their structural elements. Another feature that makes them promising for wall decoration is the variety of color choices. The wide array of color choices comes in handy when deciding wall panels for internal decoration. To know more about the color variation, you can check out our other article about visit ACP Panel.

Another standard ACM wall panel internal application is their usage in false ceilings and wall partitions, mostly in offices. With the right insulation properties, aluminum composite panels have managed to be the top material for false ceilings and wall partitions. The color variation once again shows its importance when using ACP materials for internal applications. Combine aluminum composite materials with double-glazed windows and ACP cladding to see the best insulation results. 

ACM Metal PanelExterior applications:

 As far as exterior applications are concerned, aluminum composite materials have a wide variety of usages from ACP cladding to road signage and the transportation industry. From a construction point of view, most custom-house builders prefer using ACM panels for building cladding, siding, and facade. This allows the construction to be rigid, durable and also provides an appealing design. 

Cladding applications are not the only beneficial usage of aluminum composite materials. For instance, you can apply aluminum composite panels for roofs as well. For more information, you can visit Aluminum Composite Panel Roof. One of the great features of ACM metal panels is their resistance against water. This particular unique feature has made it possible for aluminum composite panel roof. 

The aluminum composite panel applications are not limited to the construction industry. More industries have recently benefited from these materials. For example, we can refer to the transportation industry, where providers and engineers have used ACM metal panels for trains, busses, and even stations. Moreover, providers have also applied aluminum composite panels to aircraft due to their structural properties and lightweight. 

ACM Metal PanelACM Metal Panels System:

The ACM Metal Panels system or its structural properties includes a variety of materials. Frame extrusion, clip extrusion, and a reveal strip are the main parts of ACM metal panels system. Yet, some manufacturers have also applied metal framing or fastener to ensure they provide the best possible qualities.  

Final Thought:

Aluminum composite panels are not new to the construction industry. They have roughly been around for more than six decades, and their realm continues. Their novel features, characteristics, and fire behavior have made them one of the best construction elements available today. Although ACM metal panels have been criticized before due to their core material, different materials are used today, which have allowed them for more flexibility and rigidness. 

For more information about aluminum composite materials, you can also visit Aluminum Composite Panel For Sale. Our experts are further available for any information you might need and any questions you might have. Feel free to contact our support team anytime. 

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