How do you choose a construction material? You might at first answer by telling us that you care most about the quality of a product. Others might respond to our question with just a simple word: The price. However, some others might look for a balance of two. They mostly seek materials that have both decent quality and price at the same time. However, this does not look as hard as it seems since ACM Aluminum can be your choice. ACM, which stands for aluminum composite materials, also known as sandwich panels, is a new construction material with various high qualities at affordable prices. For more information, you can visit ACM Metal Panel to find out more about these materials.

Aluminum composite panels are modern construction materials that are widely used worldwide. ACM Aluminum usage came back to the 1960s; however, the materials have significantly improved during recent years. For this article, we will mention some of the ACM Aluminum qualities and features and then move to the ACM Aluminum price. 

ACM Aluminum

What is ACM Aluminum?

ACM Aluminum is a modern construction material that is considered a composite panel. The idea behind composite panels is that combining two different materials can make an element more rigid and robust. Aluminum composite panels have also used two different materials: Aluminum and the core material. The core material either consists of polyethylene or mineral-filled materials. The combination of these two elements have given ACM Aluminum the following features:

ACM Aluminum Colors:

Aluminum composite materials have a variety of color options for customers and companies. The first option for customers is solid colors which are the same as simple ones. Solid colors are chosen mostly by people who prefer to have a homely design rather than the pre-fabricated patterns or textures. Those who want more complexity can go for the pre-fabricated patterns, which also has the customization option. In other words, by choosing the second option, you will have the choice of selecting your preferable designs. 

The final choice relates to the corporates who want to use aluminum composite materials for business purposes. Corporate colors give companies the ability and feature to use their logo on the panels with a unique set of colors. Branding is a crucial step for most companies, and setting a color to the brand is possible with ACM aluminum. Each color choice can affect the ACM Aluminum price, where you can find more information by visiting ACM Wall Panels.

ACM AluminumVersatility:

Another unique features of ACP materials are their flexibility which is quite useful for having a decent project and design. The flexibility of aluminum composite materials shows its significance when used in applications such as aluminum composite panel cladding or roof. Moreover, the interior decoration and siding also require a flexible material.


Another crucial aspect of ACM aluminum is its strength and rigidness. With the right structural properties, aluminum composite materials have offered a great deal of rigidness that can last for years to come. Though you might have believed that having both flexible and durable materials is practically not possible, aluminum composite materials can offer you both at a reasonable price.

Insulation Properties:

One of the features of aluminum composite panels that providers and customers usually neglect is their insulation properties. Heat and sound insulation is a great feature that is available for aluminum composite materials. Such a feature can especially come in handy when using ACM aluminum as wall partitioning, false ceilings of exterior and interior cladding. 

Water Resistance in ACM Aluminum:

Being resistant to water and other chemical properties is crucial for every construction material. ACM Aluminum has offered water and chemical resistance with the correct structural properties, such as adhesive layers. Bear in mind that choosing the right provider and installer is crucial for this feature to take into effect. Otherwise, a small misjudgment while installing the panels can ruin this excellent feature for you. For more information regarding this issue, you can visit Aluminum Composite Panel For Sale.


Aluminum composite panels have a reasonable price. Although the cost can be affected by some interior or exterior factors, customers have always shown to be satisfied. For the next section of this post, we will take a look at the factors that can change the ACM aluminum price:

ACM AluminumCore material in ACM Aluminum:

The main factor that has a significant effect on ACM aluminum price is the core material. The core material mainly consists of two elements:

  1. The Polyethylene (PE) 

PE is the primary core material of ACM aluminum that most providers use them for most panels. Although most governments have restricted their usage for more than two-floor buildings, they are still popular for ACM aluminum. The problems with these elements are their fire behavior. According to the studies, PE core has a tendency to spread fire in case of emergencies. 

  1. The fire-retardant core:

Another structural feature that can directly affect the ACM aluminum price is the fire-retardant core. The primary purpose of these materials is to prevent the fire from spreading at a relatively quick time. The fire-retardant material can increase the price of aluminum composite materials. They mostly consist of either mineral-filled or honeycomb cores. 

The coating material:

The core material is not the only element that can change the ACM aluminum price. Other factors, such as the coating material, can also affect the price. The situation is somehow the same compared to the core material. You can also use the PE element as the coating material or go for the PVDF coating, which seems a more logical choice due to their behavior against fire and their quality. 

Other elements:

The above-mentioned elements are not the only factors that affect the aluminum composite material price. Other aspects play a role as well. Factors such as color choice and ACM aluminum size come into play when talking about the aluminum composite panel final cost. For instance, the solid colors that we mentioned earlier compared to the pre-fabricated patterns have different prices. 

Aluminum composite materials are available in different sizes. For example, ACM aluminum thickness starts from 3mm to 7mm, directly altering the final cost. As a result, it is always advisable to contact your provider for more information. You can also visit Aluminum Sheet Price for more details. 

ACM AluminumOur Verdict:

Aluminum composite materials have been able to provide significant resistance against different climate changes and other critical features. ACP materials has proven to be the right choice, and we explained every detail of why we believe ACM panels are the suitable choice for your project. You can always contact our support team for more information and give us a call whenever you want. 

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